Huffpost Slaps Back: Obama Didn’t Try to Save Troy Davis

Huffpost Slaps Back: Obama Didn’t Try to Save Troy Davis


Trymaine Lee, Huffington Post

A radio host and blogger who claimed that President Barack Obama made a last-ditch effort to save Death Row inmate Troy Davis on the eve of his execution last week in Georgia has since retracted parts of his story, as White House officials came out today to refute the claims.

UPDATE 6:15 p.m.: Rob Redding Jr., the blogger, sent The Huffington Post’s Black Voices the following statement, standing by his reporting:

Redding News Review was asked to add a line to its story, because some members of the press were trying to “spin” the report. Our source told us, that the “press” had started saying that Obama would not help a white man on death row. We added a line about the president himself not making calls about Davis to clear up any confusion. In the Politico report, even April D Ryan says that the death penalty was mentioned at the meeting. She is clearly not the source of our story. We stand by the story, as posted on our websites.

The radio host, Rob Redding Jr., wrote on The Redding News Review yesterday that two sources confirmed that the Obama White House spent “three days” looking at ways it could legally get involved in the case and even called state officials to urge clemency.

“The Obama administration even called the state of Georgia about getting involved and were told ‘No,'” Redding wrote.

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