Black Church Vows to Bring 10 Million Black Males Back to Church

Black Church Vows to Bring 10 Million Black Males Back to Church


Starting Sunday, September 25, 2011, the National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) is officially inviting African American men back to church.  NBCI is working to make sure 10 million black males return to church over the next 10 years.

NBCI’s press release noted national partnerships with major black religious leaders and denominations in response to the serious issues facing African American men, including rising levels of incarceration, drug use and unwed fatherhood.

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of NBCI says, “NBCI has no other greater mission than to re-establish God’s order – the first step being to call our men back to church.  We are committed to devoting a half a million dollars and a million hours of evangelism to get black men back into our pews.  There is something missing from the heart of the black church – the presence of our black brothers will heal hearts, minds and families.”

This Sunday marks the national kick off for the big invite back.  Cities across the country will follow the national kick off by hosting kick-offs in their respective cities. NBCI reports an overwhelming response from over one thousand churches to partner in this effort. In preparation churches across the country have organized teams of 10 or more African American males to serve as evangelistic arms of the church to spread the word and invite black men back to church.

Materials to facilitate the efforts are available to further enable churches to spread the word to their communities to make sure Black men know they are welcome in the church.

NBCI is also developing ministries to engage and equip black men to establish or reestablish a relationship with God through Christ.

“Our focus is to open our doors, arms and hearts to understand the complex sociological and psychological factors that prohibit African American men from being consistent churchgoers, better fathers, less abusive spouses and better members of society.  As a religious leader in the African American community for the past twenty years, we take our position as a moral authority very seriously.  NBCI believes that the first step for our African American brothers is to return to church – atoning for their sins and reestablishing their relationship with God through Christ.  Over the next ten years we will develop comprehensive ministries to sustain this initiative and commit African American men to the path of righteousness. We invite you to encourage our African American men to join us as we reunite as a whole on Sunday, September 25th, 2011.” – the NBCI Press Release

The National Black Church Initiative is a coalition of 34,000 African American and Latino churches working to eradicate racial disparities in healthcare, technology, education, housing, and the environment. NBCI’s mission is to provide critical
wellness information to all of its members, congregants, churches and the public.


  1. How about we bring souls to church? Stop the separation of white/black – especially in GOD'S HOUSE – there are no colors in Heaven. Get it together and try another approach. No more separatism in the name of Christ!

  2. How about bring 10 million black males to the voting booth or bringing 10 million black makes closer to an advanced degree. How about that political participation and education JUST might be more important that continuing to allow folks to be LED, instead of empowering them to be leaders.

    • Just a thought- If a person does not have a strong foundation in something then how will they ever be good learders. Even great leaders need someone or something to fall back on. Following God does not mean anything but to have that something to stand tall when the world says no.

  3. Greetings –

    Hearty Amens to this mission.

    Holy men are so powerfully appealing to me.

    It is a major delight to know men who read the Holy Bible, KNOW it, DO what it says, and SHARES with others how to steadfastly please GOD.

    What turns holy ladies on? Holy men!!!

    A friend of mine joined a Christian dating site. She posted in her profile that she was only interested in dating men who have JESUS Christ as Lord and Savior. One of the men who replied to her sings in the choir at a mega church. He asked if he could come over and give her a massage? Ugh!

    I have more respect for bonafide sinners than those who profess Christianity but act like the devil. True Christianity is defined by what is contained in the Holy Bible.

    Yes, holy Christians do falter, but repent, seek forgiveness and amend wrong ways. We don't practice sin as a lifestyle.

  4. This is a good work. All you who want 10 mill. voters, no separtation, blah, blah, blah: GET YOUR OWN PLATFORM AND MAKE IT HAPPEN IN YOUR OWN HOME TOWN! Instead of being critical, let whatever this is NOT covereing in his mission be YOUR mission. SHUT UP and do something.

  5. i 'll be honest with you,if you dont invite pastors with a message like jeremiah wright and charles adams and farrakhan,you will just be blowing in the wind, Farrakhan teaches alot about jesus,and the redemtion of men, jeremiah teaches the historical component, and charles adams also does a great mix of theolgical and historical teachings, pastor david evans does a wonderful piece on being a man in christianity. if any of theses christian churches have a white jesus on the wall its over your wasting your time. And it does matter,race matters in the encouragement of black men to come to church. Teach to the power of christ as it speaks of in revelations,yes the love as well, but you take away from the true nature of a man with the total love teaching thats why many gays and women are in the church….. I want to be apart of this attempt to bring men to church, i personally feel that it would take less than a year especially if you truly believe in jesus. we can't wait for 10 years we need to move NOW!!!!!!

    • ^ @Norman…cosign!!!!! That proof is in the fact that With ALL the Money that has been given to the black churches our communities should not have the socialeconomic and educational ills that plague our communities… Oh! I forgot! That money went to line the pockets of so called pastors and ministers.

  6. Umm…will the contributors to the half million to one million dollars for this ‘movement’ receive a return on their investment if 10 million black men do not ‘return’ to the black church at the end of this decade?

    • How do you leave behind your foundation. Schooling is something you can get no matter what but the gates of Heaven waits on no one. The reality is church is the foundation to a reality of who we are. forgetting where you come from will not make you less of who you are.

  7. There was a time BLACK MEN where head of the houshold with the strength of God on his side. Maybe if BLACK MEN would get back to the reality that they still need God then maybe they can get back to the reality of what it is to be head of their household instead of allowing the women, mothers, sisters and female friends of thier lives to do the work for them. JUST A THOUGHT.

  8. Matt. 6:33 says, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." — As a black woman, I can humbly say that this is the answer to prayer. Our families are hurting, and our black men have lost sight of who God created them to be, the head of the family.

  9. Practical American said what I was going to say. So the only thing I will add is the following: 1st make sure all are registered to vote, take them to the DMV to get proper identification, for the upcoming 2012 election. If it is easier for you to obtain a Gun license in your state, than do so. 2) Provide mentors for parents and children concentrating on computer usage. 3) Provide every school age household with a labtop computer, and limited internet access. If the church collected 1 dollar each and gave their tithes, than the other 99% could fund this endeavor. 4) Begin on line classes and teach them how to Invest, teach them the law or how to open their own business, Develop new computer programs, green technology or games. If you cant afford college or are not interested that teach them other skills such as how to fix a car, plumber, electrician, Pest consultant or Home investigators. At any rate learn another skill and keep track of what's going on in the News and not just TP House of Pain. 5) Support and know the issues under your local officials along with those strange bedfellow aka Religion and Politics.

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