Glenn Beck is Back

Glenn Beck is Back


Glenn Beck’s brand of conspiracy theories, apocalyptic convictions and historical nonsense was so far on the fringe that it made even Fox News uncomfortable. Consequently, the cable network and the weepy, wild man parted ways earlier this year.

Now, Beck is back with his own show, this time on the Internet. He has no network producers to deal with now — just plenty of fans.

The Wall Street Journal reports that his Glenn Beck TV online site has 230,000 paid subscribers. Each of those Beck fans pay $10 a month for access to the chalkboard (yes, he brought that with him) and the rants that made Beck famous. Subscribers get Web access to Beck’s daily radio show, too, as well as other online material.

Assuming the faithful hang in for the long haul, Beck could bring in well more than $20 million in his first year of online television. Fox gave him a larger audience but less freedom and less money — his salary there was $2.5 million. kicked off Monday, and though the format was new, the message was classic off-the-scale Beck — what the subscribers came to hear — and he wasted no time getting to it. “The president is a Marxist,” he declared, as he has many times in the past. “There, I said it.”


    • As in the case of a remonstrating child's inability to grasp the unfailing logic of one proposition, inventing your own bogus proposition to refute isn't the least bit persuasive.

      • same hold s true with this story. There are no facts to back up assumption only opinions based on faulty logic of trying to build a straw man theory to feed the ignorant masses. Though I am no Beck supporter, rarely listen to him, the president theories are Marxist. His supporters theories of economy are, his friends that started his campaign are and admitted such. So what is your point? Can you now twist with your child's logic to say "give to others according…" is not a Marxist theory?

        • You're just being paranoid to suggest someone's attacking Beck here. The article is mostly about the fact of Beck's updated website. The only real conjecture offered by its author is how much money it'll make — using current subscribers (as reported by the WSJ) as its baseline.

          Beck's self-serving demagoguery is another fact alluded to by the article and it accurately cited his behavior as the reason for his ejection from Fox News Network. In plain terms, Beck's 15 minutes of fame channeling Howard Beale expired. TV executives have a habit like that of cancelling shows with poor ratings that raise little ad revenue.

          As for your — and Beck's — opinion of the President as a "Marxist", it's just an ad hominem from two people who really don't understand the term to know why it's not applicable. However, you're welcome to your opinion(s).