Herman Cain’s Repeat Performance — He Gives Proposals, Others Posture

Herman Cain’s Repeat Performance — He Gives Proposals, Others Posture


Herman Cain outperformed his Republican opponents again Monday night in the CNN/Tea Party debate by presenting concrete proposals while the other presidential candidates engaged in a contest of talking points.

Front-runner Rick Perry performed poorly, and Michele Bachmann, the congresswoman from Minnesota, shined whenever she put the Texas governor under attack.

The CNN/Tea Party debate in Tampa, Florida, went well for Cain, so-so for Bachmann, OK for Rick Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania, and great for debate winner Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts.

As for Perry, the high and mighty Tea Party favorite failed to excite and connect with his base. Cain was solid, offering solutions to our national problems and refusing to bow to the petty banter of his opponents.

While Bachmann is a true conservative, her background as a congresswoman with no executive experience may have hurt her chances.  When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Bachmann about her solution to the problems of our economy, she responded with an attack on President Barack Obama, as if without him all would fall into place.  By contrast, Cain, when asked about our economy’s problems, stated, “We need a bold solution, not one that tinkers around the edges, not one that allows politicians to continue to pick winners and losers.  I believe we throw out the entire tax code and put in my 9-9-9 Plan: 9-9-9 — a 9-percent business flat tax, a 9-percent personal income tax and a 9-national sales tax. “

It was through late entry and media hype that Perry surged to the top of the polls with little need to prove himself.  With his Southern drawl and Texas kicker personality, Perry leads the pack, but he has a tough row to hoe.

While Perry and Romney sparred over Social Security and Perry’s “ponzi scheme” characterization of the program, Cain stepped in. “I don’t care what you call it, it’s broken,” he said, “and here’s my solution.  Start with optional personal retirement accounts. In 1981, the Galveston County employees, they opted out because that was a very short window of opportunity. They took it. Today, when people retire in Galveston County, Texas, they retire making at least 50 percent more than they would ever get out of Social Security.”  Front-runner Perry offered no such solution.

Monday night’s performance suggested that Perry might have reached his pinnacle in the previous debate.

While Bachmann and Santorum nailed Perry to his 2007 version of what is being termed by GOP presidential candidates as a “state-mandated health care” plan, Cain continued to offer more than his opponents on health care. He received huge applause as he listed his proposed solutions: “Pass market-driven, patient-centered reforms such as, under the current code, deductibility of health insurance premiums regardless of who pays for it…. The other thing that we can do in order to help bring down the costs is pass ‘loser pay’ laws…. Restructure Medicare, another big cost that’s passed on to us as consumers related to all the bureaucracy associated with that…. Another market-driven idea, allow association health plans.”

Expect Cain to keep it coming. By offering more tangible solutions than his opponents, he is distinguishing himself from the crowded field and gaining the attention of those voters weary of hype, hyperbole and finger-pointing.


  1. "The Hermanator" is a breath of fresh air! I know his numbers aren't that great, but neither were Obama's at this time during the '08 campaign. Keep plugging away, Mr. Cain; the country needs men of your moral fiber and integrity (not to mention, excellent understanding of the free market) to right the good ship, America!

    • His emails are great. I hope he has better luck than Paul overcoming the bias media pundit and the controls of the mass "party' affiliates and their running their "choice" canidates.

  2. Mr Cain has my vote! He was the only one that even looked presidential. He had solutions while others puffed out their chests or tore down their opponent. I did this and I did that and we were #1 and had the best this or the best that. Who cares!!
    What are your plans? We want to know! Only Herman Cain showerd us a way. He has a plan.
    BO campaigned on "change" and boy did we get em. Mr. Cain brings "soultions" and boy do we need em.

  3. Great reporting; right on the mark of what happened. It is a shame that all the media outlets talk about giving fair coverage but relegate Herman Cain, the only guy giving solutions, to "second tier" status.
    He is solid.
    You should run one of the debates.

  4. Herman Cain is dismissed by the 'king-makers' in the media…in favor of their clear favs Perry/Romney. Sad and disgraceful. In Gallups poll Cain is 2nd …close behind Perry and 1st in 'positive intensity'…yet all the media, left and right, want to chatter about is their obvious dynamic duo/P&R. Shame on them. In the CNN debate it was the P& R show most of the night. So obvious again. Is it their hair? It certainly isn't their ideas. And the FairTax question to all of the candidates was fielded by Romney…who isn't a fan of the FairTax. Cain would have wowed the TP crowd….but nooooo. We can't have that. Perry and Romney would be left in the cold on that question. Paul and Bachmann were dissed as well…though Bachmann steped up and took her shots…you go girl!
    I would love to see the media actually be fair for a change. But we all know that can't happen…

  5. Thank you Britton Loftin. It is rare to get a political writer that 'sees' the big picture. Cain and the American people need more fairness in the media if we are to make the corner in this seemingly 'fixed' race. Kudos to you and keep up the good work.

  6. I like Cain, but his 999 plan is terrible. It opens the door to both a sales and income tax. I know that Part 2 of that plan is to eventually get to the FairTax, however once the door is opened to both taxes, history has shown that it will be nearly impossible to close it. Dump the 999 plan and go back to the FairTax.

  7. 999 is great.. some people just want no taxes, services, or anything . Lets just do away with roads and the department of transportation, police, and everything that makes up who we are.

  8. MadMax has a point. once Congress passes 999, they would walk away saying "Okay, that our tax reform…we're done"
    The problem is that just like Reagan's Tax Reform Act of 1986, Cain's 999 plan would rapidly grow into someone's 10,10,10, plan or a 15, 30, 10 plan or a "Make my special interest exempt" plan… just like Reagan's TRA'86.
    The FairTax has almost SIX DOZEN Cosponsor's… please, Mr. Cain, don't squander it!

  9. He has my support too!!! If we are really going to practice what we have been preaching since 2007, Cain is and should be the only clear GOP choice. He’s all business, he has a firm Conservative track record all the way back against “Hillarycare”. He is NOT a politician. Business man is what he does for a living. Politicians are politicians for a living. We are supposed to be “cleaning House and Senate”. Let’s keep the politicians OUT of the White House.