9/11 — Where Were You? Let Politic365 Share Your Story

9/11 — Where Were You? Let Politic365 Share Your Story


September 11, 2001, shocked our nation and redefined America’s role in the world. It was an experience shared by all and one we carry with us in our collective memory.

Now Politic365 wants to hear your personal memory — “Where were you?”

Tell us your story, so we can share it with others.

Leave a voice message, send e-mail or Twitter or give us a brief video of where you were, how you felt and what that day means to you and America today.

We will collect the contributions and present them to the Politic365 community on September 11, 2011.

Give us your memory by Friday 3pm EST, and check back on Sunday, September 11, to hear, read and watch what others remember of that point in history.

VOICEMAIL — (202) 677-5578 (the call is free).

VIDEO — politic365video@gmail.com

E-MAIL — editors@politic365.com

TWITTER — @Politic365

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  1. I was watching GMA on channel 7 and saw breaking news, as soon as I sat down to watch more of it…it's when I saw the 2nd plane hit the other tower. It was unreal and watched it all till they came tumbling down. I was cold and couldn't believe what I was seeing with my own 2 eyes. The heart of New Yorik City was ripped apart in billions pieces and felt all over the world. It took courage, strength and prayers for the New Yorkers and the city to get back on it's feet, although we lost alot of family and friends on one day…THEY WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!! New York City is a wonderful city where the people never sleeps and the lights are always on shinning the city bright as night…ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL. New York is New York and it has changed ALOT. I keep in my prayers those lives that were lost and in my thoughts…it's a date that WE will ALL remember for years to come, but WE can not be mourning every year, each life must be celebrate and share happy memories and not their loss. WE ARE STRONG!!!