Maxine Waters: “Tea Party Can Go to Hell”

Maxine Waters: “Tea Party Can Go to Hell”


Maxine Waters may have echoed the thoughts of millions in her statement to jobless Californians. Waters told the tea party to go to hell during remarks after last Saturday’s “Kitchen Table Summit” at an Inglewood, California, high school.  She insisted that the political climate, in which the Tea Party and other conservative extremist are wielding quite a lot of power, is “not a game for the weak”.

“I’m not afraid of anybody,” Water said as she addressed the large crowd.  “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell.”

Waters’ comments come a day after the California Employment Development Department released numbers that projected the state’s unemployment rate at 12%. Only Nevada has a higher unemployment percentages at 12.9%.

One tea party group responding to Waters, The Tea Party Patriots, stated “We’ve had Democrats calling American citizens ‘terrorists’ and ‘hostage takers,’ and now an elected Democratic representative says that we can ‘go straight to hell’. Is civility only required from their opponents? Perhaps it’s time for a new-NEW era of civility.  The president’s silence on these latest violations of civility has been deafening, but not surprising.”

Waters is known for being vocal and direct. In the week prior to the “Kitchen Table Summit” during a Congressional Black Caucus jobs tour stop in Detroit Waters accused President Obama of ignoring the black community by opting to visit with those in middle America rather than talk with African Americans in urban centers who suffer from unemployment numbers double those of whites while on his bus tour.

“We don’t know why on this trip that he’s in the United States now, he’s not in any black community,” Waters stated.





  1. yes, anne, this is the type of people you support? Calling others racist, telling them to go…(What church does she go to – Wrights? Seems to be another sub-culture because none of the churches I’ve been to talk like that) Why are you not asking in the 40 years of the existence of the CBC nothing has changed for blacks? Why do you not look at results rather than keep listening to their rhetoric and blame game? These people have been blaming others for all this time, now they are being blamed for turning on each other and you still believe them that it is about race? Y’all keep electing these people, sending them money to get them re-elected and still “blacks” are in the same if not worst shape? 1908 riots in Springfield, IL. 1968 the black community burned itself down after King was murdered – it never recovered. 1980’s LA riots. Today London riots. Etc, etc, etc. This is not about color. Something is wrong, we to ask WHAT and stop playing the blame game and race cards. What has Walters done? Anything? What jobs has she created besides keeping the hat makers in business?

  2. Maxine Waters has it dead-on. The tea party is a terrorist organization that held my country hostage for a month during the debt limit increase debacle. The tea party is bent on the destruction of the federal government and they are the present day KKK. Why KKK? Because they are a small group of old, rich, white racists who target minorities, the middle class and the poor and are conspiring to overthrow the US government. We have to fight the tea baggers tooth-and-nail. Mark Montgomery NYC, NY

    • Mark,
      I am truly sorry that you believe in such a dishonest and convincing propaganda of your own party. Stupidity is tolerable. But, ignorance is incomprehensible. You should attend a tea party meeting sometime and observe the language, ethnic background and race of the attendees. It might surprise you. I, myself is a minority of this country, brown race, middle class. I came into this country with $100 and a suitcase. My husband and I worked so hard to be where we at now. It was not an easy ride, but we made it on our own. Poverty is a chosen state for other people because its convenient. All citizens should be responsible for their own existence in this country(with the exception of those who truly needs government assistance). Government reliance should be the very last option.

  3. I think Ms. Walters is the only worthwhile member of the Caucus. I enjoyed very much her discussion that included all Americans. I wonder…where is the Urban League today:

  4. Sounds like good old fashion signifying. I mean, who cares that she's not afraid of the tea party or the tea bag or the tea cake. This is the depth of discourse from educated public servants?

  5. We can go to he'll? You can go f- yourself you ignorant black bitch. And so can the rest of you white-hating colored racists. We are sick and tired of being expected to take care of you! We are sick of being called racists for not caring about you! We are sick of being called racist for caring about our own like you all do! Take care of yourselves and start admitting you are incapable of living in a white society or any society in which you don't leech. The japs, Chinese, Arabs, koreans, mexicans and every race on earth don't like you. look at what the civil rights and desegregation have done to this country! California and a all it's anti-white racists, multiculturalists can go to the tenth level of he'll!

  6. nick, there is no point to use such language. Why stoop to their level? As you may have seen with the English historian, they accuse him of saying something he never said and I went thru it and noted each time he said the opposite, yet these people still "hear" what they want. Stooping to their level and thoe they support does nothing.

    I still ask SHOW us WHERE the TEA party has ever said anything racist? And, then tell us why federal gov't officials helping only those of "color" is not?

  7. CBC? What have their memebers accomplished?
    "Charlie Rangel, convicted of 11 ethics violations – the most ever found against any member of Congress – was resoundingly re-elected Nov. 2, getting 80 percent of his district’s vote. After 40 years representing these folks, you can’t conclude he was an unknown commodity. Granted, the conviction occurred after the election, but the charges were well-publicized."

    Nothing but ….

  8. Maxine Waters' language was crude and offensive, too, before someone suggests that Im frustrated at "Nick" but not chastising her choice of words, too. She can make the same point about the negative impact of Tea Party policies without resorting to the lowest denominator…

  9. Chuck, then why are you not calling for a "ban" on Walters? She has made false accusations and uses such to promote such hatred??? She did the EXACT same thing using language yet this site promotes it!?!? AND, name one negative impact of TEA party?

    ""There is no justification for politicians to foment animus between people. In reality, the concern of politicians is that if enough of the people understand the failures of those they continue to re-elect, we will cease to be tolerant of them. So they stir discord based on race and class to divert attention away from themselves as they go about failing us for personal gain.

    Oh, and one last thing. The next time Waters offers to lead an exhibition of discovery to her father's homeland, I, for one, hope she stays."

    Read more: Maxine Waters' 'advice' for tea party

  10. I am a white Caucasian. I can’t help it – I was born this color. Do you have any real questions for me about white people? Or the way we really think about not white skinned peoples? Or do you want to sling the shite back and forth? I grew up in the sixties with a raciest father who hated black people. I could never understand his feelings. As a young adult – his rederic seamed foreign to me, as many of my friends were Black. I have lived threw the 60, 70, 80, 90, till now – I have been so proud of our Country's ability too look beyond the obvious hypocritical prejudices. But lately they seem to have been rekindled into a forced recognition of the past hatreds that once belonged. Please – If you truly want to know what white people think, just ask me. I will be as blunt as I can. As honest as I am able. And as forthcoming as possible. But PLEASE don’t just say what white people think based on assumptions. You may be surprised.

  11. I am replying to you – if you are not white, yet have a question about how white people think towards non-Caucasian peoples. If you’re a white Caucasian person. You already know. What country are your ancestors from?

    • My question above was directed at Chuck. As he and I already have a “history” He promotes himself as one thing but seemingly comments the opposite here – the “liberal side” of him. I am not from Russian mountains– hence I am not Caucasian. My paternal name is Scottish – Creel (DNA shows us also from Shetland Islands – we were allied with McDuff’s). I have blood from the Creek, Scots, German (from my mom and dad’s side), Norman, Welsh, Britons, etc. (the native Creels of South Carolina are not related by DNA but took our name to avoid Jackson’s – Trail of Tears). The people on this site keep making contradicting statements about “whites” yet do not hold their “own” to same standards and I would like to know why?


    The ethnic/national ancestry of Mr. Obama, as far as is currently known, can be shown as follows:

    50.0 % Luo
    35.058 593 75 % English
    4.687 5 % Scottish
    3.906 25 % Irish
    3.710 937 5 % German
    1.562 5 % Welsh
    0.976 562 5 % Swiss
    0.097 656 25 % French
    100.0 %

    My wife is said to be related to Jefferson Davis also – so that would make my son "double cousins" to Obama – :>)

  13. No matter what color your skin is, if you spew racist rhetoric it shows your ignorance. We all bleed the same color. We all have a chance to pull ourselves up by our boot straps. Colin Powell, born poor, rose to lead our armed forces. I was poor growing up and went to work full time at the age of 11 to help put food on our table. I went into the armed forces at the age of 17 and retired at the age of 50. People need to quit relying on their heritage like a crutch or abasing others by the color of their skin and work to make it on their own.