Wisconsin Solidarity

Wisconsin Solidarity


The battle for Wisconsin is still going.  Whether you call it the working class versus the Republicans or the extreme right versus middle America, Democrats and labor unions are campaigning to put an end to the agenda of Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, and the Republican controlled State Senate and House. The bout began after Walker signed a bill drastically cutting the bargaining rights of public employee unions. Public outrage  which ultimately led to public outrage and recall elections.

According to ABCNews $30 Million dollars poured into the Wisconsin recall elections.  Traditional Democratic leaning organizations like Progressive Change Committee, Democracy for America and the Labor Unions battled Republican leaning anti-labor groups like the business supported Tea Party Express and Americans for Prosperity.

Out of the eight Wisconsin recall elections, 2 Democrats defeated two incumbent Republicans to take their seats, 4 incumbent Republicans held their seats and 2 Democrats fended off Republican opponents. Despite the hard work of labor unions and progressive organizations the GOP still maintain control of the State Senate.

After hearing the State Senate election results, Walker told the Associated Press he believed that voters called for bipartisanship.  The results of the recall elections may help to establish a campaign to unseat Governor Walker, the crown jewel of the recall attempts.

Even though outnumbered, there’s hope for the Dems. Wisconsin Republican Senator Dan Shultz voted against Walker’s attempt to cut labor union collective bargaining rights.  He was the lone Republican vote against the bill.  If Senator Schultz continues to vote pro-labor, then the Senate will be friendly to labor causes effectively halting Walker’s war on the middle class.


  1. WI is becoming sane under Walker. Not letting corrupt unions dictate to the rest of us what terms they will work for and that teachers have to join the union for about 1,000/year dues that local districts have to automatically deduct from teachers pay checks. Many teachers are thrilled to be able to keep money that they were previously compelled to an organization that didn't represent their interests that was using its power to impose terrible costs on the rest of Wisconsin citizens (of which I am one).

    Unfortunately, some teachers and administrators have 'retired' in order to collect pensions, and are turning around and taking jobs in other districts – double dipping against their fellow Wisconsinites. I read about one who did retired (to get pension), and got hired back to his old job (name changed only), no other applicants – $120K a year. Those are the sort of 'rights' the unions are fighting for in our state…

    I vote for getting things back under control and sane, so we can afford to take care of our children's future!