Do Flash Mobs that Rob Reflect Poorly on Blacks?

Do Flash Mobs that Rob Reflect Poorly on Blacks?


Recently, nationwide flash mobs have turned violent and dangerous.  Traditionally, flash mobs referred to random and spontaneous gathering of people who would usually engage in a water-gun fight, pillow fight or break out in a choreographed dance number.

However, in recent weeks in cities around the country, in particular Philadelphia, scores of young people have been organizing flash mobs using Twitter and Facebook to rob stores in large groups.  Closed circuit videos from stores’ security cameras show scores of mainly black teens going into stores and robbing them of thousands of dollars in merchandise.

National media has been covering these incidents, and it has gotten at least one mayor so irate that he accused the black youth in his city as “making their race look bad.”  During a combative speech at the Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter blasted young black men, telling them to stop behaving like “sperm donors” and “human ATMs.” He said parents have to do a better job of supervising and training their children.

“If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied and your pants half-down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you?” Nutter told the congregation. “They don’t hire you ’cause you look like you’re crazy. You have damaged your own race.”

“I am a proud black man in this country,” Nutter said in a subsequent interview with the Associated Press. “It was a message that needed to be said. It needed to be said at this time…. People have had enough of this nonsense, black and white.”

Others said Nutter should have cracked down on solving crime problems in the city before and is only being active because the teens have ventured out of their own neighborhoods and have made national attention.

In any event, Nutter is leading the way for finding solutions by imposing a curfew, permitting stop and frisks and authorizing tough police enforcement.

Needless to say, scan any comment section of a story about Nutter’s statements and it will come as no surprise that many agree with Nutter’s sentiments.


  1. Yes it reflects badly. And worse than that it threatens to destroy the economy of targeted cities if nothing is done about it. Like it or not, but the economic "heart" of most US cities is White run [or rather, Jewish ran] and in Philly that is where the Flash mob caused Havoc. Chase them Jews and Whites out and Philly will be worse off than it is now…

    Also think about the people who were victims and robbed / beaten up and called racist names by the Black mob. We talk so much of tolerance and not hating each other, but I bet the victims harbor some anti-black feelings now. And that cant be blamed on racism, but on the people who singled them out for being non-black.

  2. While there's value in understanding the correlation between crime and culture (on a macro level), this question plays to a certain cynicism, ignorance, and disregard for civil liberties. 97+% of African-Americans don't behave as criminals, so it goes without saying judging an entire group by the acts of a distinct few is intellectually lazy and inappropriate.

    As concerning Mayor Nutter, he's legally bound to make the city of Philadelphia safe for the public. Plus, as a politician he's allowed rhetorical license to make his point(s) on policy. His reaction was predictable, if not understandable. Unfortunately, it was also a cheap cop out.

      • You've got a PC and Internet access. Do some research and a little math.

        IIRC, the U.S. DoJ counts nearly 1,000,000 African-Americans under the supervision of the criminal justice system, including approximately 850,000 incarcerated in state or federal facilities. According to the latest U.S. Census, there are over 40,000,000 Af-Ams.

        1,000,000 is 2.5% of 40,000,000. Therefore, 97.5% of Af-Ams are law-abiding citizens. And that's a conservatively low estimate.

        • Do you honestly think that the ratio of the imprisoned to the total population of a given sector indicates that the remaining percentage uniformly do not behave criminally?

          If that were the case, there would be no crime. Go figure!

        • That is one way of looking at it. However, there are no "African" American catagory listed. I've only met a few true "African" Americans. I set in my census record form and filled completly out. It did not check "white." It some how got "lost". They sent some little girl to my house. She refuse to fill it out as I said and would not let me fill it out by my own hand. That was not the case in 1990 when a man was sent, who wrote everthing as I said (I was picked then to fill out extended form and he cam by my house). He and I later became friends.

          Further according to Bureau site there are just over 38 million "blacks" – not over 40.

          • further,

            list only 2.9% listing 2 or more "races." This totally skews numbers as we know even Obama is not "black" but multi racial. (in actuality if what was posted on his lineage he and I are cousins thru Robert E Lee – by marriage – my ggg-greataunt was a Lee :>))

            Also, I'm part Creek my wife is 1/16 Cherokee – I'm part German, Scot, French, Welsh, And yes "Viking" heritage (according to DNA studies) , my 3rd cousin who had DNA studies done who us to have connections to Shetland islands. None of that is reflected on the Census. So forgive if I do not hold much faith in the "African" thing or totallity in US Census records.

          • I'd have a lot more respect for you and the other respondents on this thread if you'd profess you're hatred for African-Americans rather than pretend any of your arguments have validity.

        • I am supposed to believe the govt who oppresses white Americans with Affirmative Action?
          Nope, aint buying it.
          I lived in NYC, 5 miles from Harlem, I know who the perpetrators were, they always showed their faces everyday in the paper; they were black.

          People are not idiots about this anymore, WM.

        • AND, unfortunately, because the govt hides this terrible information, whites and Asians are becoming victims, more and more.

          Also, it really is sickening when we have to go to White nationalist websites to see who is beating white people, robbing and mobbing, because the govt has Holder in charge and he refuses to report it, as he refused to charge the Black Panthers because he 'couldnt do that to his people'.
          IF 'his people' were white, we would never hear the end of it.

          The white is now the Jew in America, and the victim.

  3. If 97% of blacks do not commit crimes, then what is the percentage for whites and Asians? If you do a Google search and correlate percentage of black population with the crime rate, they follow each other very closely. More balcks = More crime.

  4. Comment Summary:
    Blacks, African – americans, Afro Americans, Negroes, or whatever other non-descriptive, inaccurate, poorly conceived labelling phrase of the decade we are now using in the US, are the worst thing ever!
    White americans are the greatest thing ever. Nothing and No one is better.
    Blah blah blah.
    Rant rant rant!

    Over and over and over again. No need to read any further.

    Shame this website is becoming the ROOT with the comment section.

  5. No more than looking at the Mugshots and seeing that close to 8 out of ten arrested are black, yet they only represent less than 25% of the population.