UK Historian Says White Rioters in London are Behaving Black

UK Historian Says White Rioters in London are Behaving Black


In what can be seen as the latest permeation of scapegoatistm, during a recent airing of BBC2’s “Newsnight” British historian David Starkey blamed the recent rioting in London after police shot and killed an unarmed black man in his cab on whites trying to behave and adopt black culture, which he equates with criminality.

After police killed a 29-year-old black man, Mark Dugan, while sitting in a minicab on August 4, many young people and individuals in communities of color took to the streets, rioting and looting, some say out of frustrations over unemployment and police harassment in minority neighborhoods.  Five people died, and many people lost property that was burned, looted or destroyed.

Several rioters did not get involved to send a political message but rather to seize the opportunity to use the chaos as an excuse to loot and wreak havoc.

During the August 12 “Newsnight” broadcast, Starkey agreed that the reason many were rioting was based on “completely superficial” reasons and were an extension of “commercialism,” and then he pointed to what he said was an adoption of black culture by whites.

“What’s happened is that the substantial section of the chaps that you read about have become black,” Starkey said. “The whites have become black; a particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic, gangster culture has become ‘the fashion.’ And black and White, boy and girl, operate in this language together, this language which is wholly false, which is a Jamaican patois that’s been intruded in England. And this is why so many of us have this sense of literally a foreign country.”

Starkey also distinguished black culture as bad from white culture, which he indicated is good and characteristically refined and marked by articulate and proper speech. To prove his point, Starkey referenced an articulate successful black journalist who, he said, you’d never know was black based on hearing him on the radio.

Starkey also read the text of a British Olympian discussing the reason for the riots written in slang and said rap music as well was equivalent to violence and contributed to the erosion of white culture and youth in the UK.

Starkey’s claims were refuted by the show’s host and by other guests, including author and broadcaster Dreda Say Mitchell. “This is the problem with the ‘them and us’ culture,” she said. “We can’t keep thinking of this as a ‘them and us’ argument.”

“Black communities are not homogeneous groups, so there are many different black cultures,” Mitchell said. “What we need to be doing is thinking about ourselves not as individual communities but as one community … and stop talking about them and us and start talking about our children and using words like ‘we’ and stop putting this blame on different people. This blame culture has got to stop. We’ve got to face head on what the issues on.”

Indeed, racial tensions between and among the general population and pockets of West Indian, Asian and other immigrant communities have fueled some of the violence.  Three Asian Muslim men guarding a car wash from looters were struck and killed in a drive-by attack, the Guardian reported.  It is quite reminiscent of the Los Angeles riots in the United States, where blacks residents and Asian immigrant shopkeepers clashed during the 1980s.

James Harkin, a reporter for the Guardian, told NPR the reasons for the riots were mixed. He said that while a lot rioting was done out of opportunity, some, especially by those in communities of color, said they were on the streets because they felt disrespected by the police.

“The reasons for this are complex and cultural,” said Harkin. “And they can’t simply be explained by money. It’s more a sense that people really have no stake and it’s a sense that either people are underemployed or if they’re 11 years old, they simply don’t have much to do.”

In the UK, one out of five teenagers is unemployed and more than half of minority youth in that country are unemployed.


  1. Well he should know right? after all he is English and they had violent policies against the Scot's for hundreds of years…oh wait does that count their kinda both white.

    tell me again Chuck that these stories don't make the "news" on this site because of "color."

  2. My response was sarcastic. If a “Brit” was making a charge, then is would be ridiculous after what Briton has done to the Scots in the past history and considering that is why family left Scotland prior to 1700. I disagree with the interpretation of Starkey statement implying all "whites acting black." Article is trying to imply this man is stereotyping "all" blacks."

    I think it more follows “ although author Toby Young, blogging in the Telegraph, rejected such criticism, claiming that Starkey was talking not about black culture in general, but "a 'particular form' of black culture.”
    This is not about race and this site and most writers are trying to imply. This “black” culture so many blacks sadly trying to emulate, it no different that criminal “white” culture of Al Capone that many white emulate today (or maybe the “pirate” culture we see in so many movies – we are making lite of in today’s society. Every heard of Pirates of the Caribbean? Which side do you root for (of course then both sides acted criminal)? It is CRIMMINAL – not race based as one quote above says.

  3. Well, mgpthoc, if you listen to the entire program, I am pretty sure he did not mean it the way you are explaining in this comment. You are trying to post-hoc interpret and rationalize the intent of the man in a way that is not true or accurate given the situation.

    It is racist because no matter how many criminals are involved in illegal activities – let's say pirates, mobsters, vikings etc where 100% of the assailants are WHITE, never will anyone say that a Hispanic group of kids are behaving like a violent WHITE Culture. Rather they would say the Hispanic kids are behaving like racketeers in New Jersey or Icelandic vikings.

    The problem which you don't seem to see is he lumping an ENTIRE RACE in his characterization. That is wholly unacceptable. Had he said the White children are behaving like gang members that would be fine.

    Instead, he takes it one step further and says they are behaving like Black culture and that equates Gangster like behavior to an entire RACE of people as if Blacks are the ONLY people in history or these days to engage in riots. I am sure you know that is not true.

    If it was CRIMINAL and not race based, as you say, why did he mention a particular RACE in his statement? Are you saying it is okay to equate criminal culture with black culture? Because it sure sounds like it to me.

    And as to insinuating in your first comment that only black papers cover this type of news, why the heck not?

    He did mention BLACK CULTURE. If mainstream American papers are not covering, are you surprised? Isn't that the reason for outlets such as Politic365? To cover events that impact and speak directly to us that other outlets do NOT? Further, it has and is making big news in the UK. I invite you to check it out. Many have called for his resignation and he has issued an apology so if he saw nothing wrong in what he said, why apologize?

    You comment on this site often and I thank you for that, but obviously one of the reasons you read the stories here and even bother to read them is because you must be interested in and curious as to what Black journalists are covering. Don't try to negate the value of the paper while in the same breath using it on a regular basis to satisfy your own curiosity of our coverage of news and events from our perspective.

  4. So, if the black culture Starky actually says he is against (which he stressed over AND over is a PARTICULAR one – he never said ALL blacks) is the one that came up with the baggy pants – for sign of 'availability' in prisons, a person is not allowed to comment that "whites" are acting like the blacks that are doing that? If the only element in the neighborhood he is speaking about happens to be black using that "culture" just because he is white he is not allowed to say anything negative about the blacks that seem to be the main ones espousing such "culture?" You have a web site here set up to "feed" mostly blacks who come here to read the spin you are putting on it, yet if someone, me, says it is a possibility that "your" interpretation is not considering the whole "I" am automatically wrong?

    • The problem though is he could have left race out of it. BLACKS ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO WEAR BAGGY CLOTHES OR COMMIT CRIME.

      He wasn't talking about a neighborhood. He was talking about the culture of violence. Blacks are not the only people who commit violence. The Irish people who used to revolt were nearly 100% white. Why did he not say they were immitating WHITE CULTURE OF VIOLENCE then? Leave my race out of it.
      He didn't because for people like him AND YOU it is okay to lump an entire RACE when talking about violence.

      THAT IS NOT OKAY. It is RACIST. Point blank and if you don't agree, so be it. You have the right to be a racist.

      • did not say black were the only ones. re-read what I wrote. I have read where is was blacks – ibn prison – that came up with the idea. You correctly said "He was talking about the culture of violence." Why did he say this? Because the violense STARTED in a black neighborhood. How many times does he or I have to say it was a PARTICULAR culture? withour you reading "all" into it?

  5. Much like you trying to imply “pirates” were 100% white – that simply is a totally false statement. And implying Viking were totally criminals – according your own deduction (if all Vikings were white) is a racist statement made by you. If you take out one interview or a few statements out the context of David Starkey entire writings, saying ,etc you would be guilty of condemning him to your own view of those things left out. Much as I would if I said same things about Malcom X writings condemning the white race if I had not read his later writings after he went to Saudi Arabia. Even then his writings read heavily racial, but one can tell a difference if one has an open mind and can admit it. I think you may be reading/listening only thru “coloured” glasses.

    • You can say whatever you want about Malcolm X and his writings were also racist. And what? Just because Blacks use racist language doesn't mean you can excuse a white historian from using racist language too.

      And aha, re the Vikings, you get my point? He can say they are behaving like Vikings and people will not assume he was talking about one race. But were he to say WHITE CULTURE OF VIOLENCE -but really referring to the Vikings alone- people of the White race may not like he lumping their ENTIRE RACE into a category. If he is talking VIKINGS, just say Vikings. Just say gang culture. LEAVE MY RACE OUT OF IT!

  6. Why do I read this site? I do have curiosity and a trying to understand the points of such. Y’all seem to try and justify having “black” web site, Congressional Black Caucus, Black America, etc, etc, etc. yet, if “whites” do these things it’s racist? “You” are allowed to speak your mind, yet if I give my opinion somehow “I” do not understand or worse yet I’m labeled a racist. As I’ve said on this and other sites, Starky actually SAYS in the clip its is NOT skin color – it is the “culture.” What culture? A” particular” the gang and VIOLENCE culture. You say it’s he is condemning a race when he clearly says IT IS NOT SKIN COLOR. Just like the white kid totally ignored what Starky said “ a particular black culture” kid kept on about talking white. You can ignore what Starky read if you want but you an I both know if you went into a job interview in fortune 500 company you would not even get in the door – he is write. The others, as you, seem to have an agenda to “prove” a point. However, I think you have to ignore the total of what is being said to defend your position.

    • "Y’all seem to try and justify having “black” web site, Congressional Black Caucus, Black America, etc"

      Seriously, when black women get killed, white media rarely cover it, but let a Natalie Holloway go missing. The same time Caylee Anthony was killed, 5 little black girls too were killed. The murder trials occurred the same time, yet the little black girls get little coverage and no one cares. Ergo, you NEED black papers to cover issues pertaining to children in OUR COMMUNITY that mainstream sites REFUSE to cover because they feel no value in it or their audiences do not care. My cousin was killed in an accident and the Washington Post did a little write up on her. So many people commented on the story asking why was it in the paper and asking why was it news. When Chandra Levy was killed, very few people asked why is it news to cover her. There is a double standard in the media and until it ends, there will always be the need for outlets like this one. I guess you would prefer we just sit down, shut up and not ask to see coverage of our neighborhoods. Good thing this site is NOT for you. Stay off if you have nothing better to do than criticize and judge.

      Futher, Ms Black America and other types of organizations the National Bar Association and the like all started because blacks were excluded, their beauty and interests not regarded. These organizations filled that void and the people from these communities welcomed the opportunity to finally be recognized and be welcomed. If you cannot see the value in that it is because you are privileged to have always been welcomed in the fold, considered part of society and the club and valued and appreciated.

      Good thing for you to have that privileged but you cannot speak from a world of privilege and then dare tell others who were traditionally left out they have no right to celebrate their own when others will not. GTFOH!

      • I have privilage? Of course, while in College I saw those around me get their tution, books, living, etc all paid for. Of course I did get a total of $6000 during the two years of the Master program. I paid nearly $20,000 in tasxes those years however. When is that "privalege" going to end? How much pay back is required? I am from GA, slavery in that State was only legal from 1750 – 1865. The pay back program of "equality" have been going on what about 50? Trillions have been spent yet nothing seems to change. Why can't we examine the results and ask why something is not working? "black community? I though we trying to make OUR community – to leavebehind racial division? Is that not the case?

        GTFOH? What does that mean?

        • PRIVILEGE has nothing to do with paying back anything. Privilege has to do with a set of unearned rights you will have as a white person your entire life. Perks and benefits that you don't you get, benefit of the doubt and luxuries.

          No one has to pay you back for having it. It's just the reason why people look out for their people is because they don't have the luxury of knowing that the media, the leaders will always look out for them. Yes it should be OUR as one, but realistically humans will gravitate to their own.

          There are Russian immigrant populations, pockets of Italians, Cubans etc etc. People will naturally gravitate to one another where there is a general shared culture and look out for their community. It's a fact of life that cannot be ignored simply because we aspire to a true melting pot.

          To ignore these differences will be an injustice and to force people to ignore these distinctions is also unrealistic. That is the only reason why someone would say "Why do you need a black paper?" – Because that person has had the luxury of seeing history books and positive images on TV and knowing that everyone who ever did anything good for mankind or their county is of their same race. Kids who are not from that race will grow to think they are inferior and they've contributed nothing. Thus the reason for things like Black History Month and Black museums to teach these children what they may not learn in school that people who look like them do things other than commit crime.

          • You are a sucessful lawyer. Apperently make a very good lving. Write want you want. Live in an upscale middleclass home. Most likely, because of your "color" recieved money for your college. The only times I really see "gravitation" is on Sunday when leberal blacks gravitate towards each other – Except when we attened Jehovahs Witnessses Congregations. Or, historically "black" colleges. Blacks get special priviallges because of their "color." I notice you refuse to address when this when end? That is if you trully desire to become a true melting pot, when will you dent those special privallges and stop division by just calling yourslef "American" istead of all the rest?

      • I do not know where you are, but when a black gets killed, especially b y a white, the NAACP, The Balck Panthers, Jesse, Al and every other "black" organization keeps in the news for weeks. I agree if is black on black it seem to get buried- much like the two Florida women convicted of slavery in 2008. But how did you folloow the story where the "white" defending his neighborhood, killed two illegal "blacks?" The NBPP showed up to protest his use of force to DEFEND himself.

        • Again, those isolated incidents and coverage you describe are not reflective of society and media coverage in general and as a whole. Those are few stories out of the dozens, I dare say hundreds that occur on a weekly basis that don't make news.

          And another thing NATIONAL NEWS coverage is different than LOCAL coverage. Very rarely does a missing black child or murder of a black victim receive nationwide coverage and outrage like how the Chandra Levys, Natalee Holloway and Caylee Anthony's get.

          This is not to say those don't deserve coverage – of course they do, but nationwide people care more because of the race of the victim.

          • Those are not "isolated." Do a google search on NAACP. Every day they are complaining about something else or protesting some supposed crime that "whites" have committed. Al Sharpton who caused riots, or him being in the white house so much reported on this site. the site has an article complaining its racism that Philyy mayor imposed curfew supposed to affect mostly blacks – even though he is black. There are hundreds of murders that occur everyday of all "races" that are never reported – but you seem to see only "color." why not report HERE on those mureders you deem important? Why not tell us of the mureders committed by blacks. Or better yet spend your time writing about positive things you above claim you want your "race" to know about????

  7. Here is the clip As I’ve stated blacks murder each other at the same rate PER YEAR as white did in 3 DEACDES of Klan dominance in late 1880 -1910’s, but people like you try to imply that some “race” is the main problem. It was only in past few years our local paper would even publish the race of a criminal they were looking for – if it was black – for fear of being labeled racist. Tell me the sense of such?

    • SO WHAT? What is the point or value to that? If the papers didn't want to publish that, so what? Go complain to the papers. Whites kill more people in America and in the world than blacks. Where is your stat on that? Is your point to say blacks murder, so do Asians and Hispanics. What is the point?

      • many did complain and it was changed. I do not have that stat – why don't you who are "reporting" give us that info. What I quoted is facts of the Bureau of Justice of the US and from the Tuskeegee study.

  8. If Enoch Powell, that David Starkey mentioned in the “entire clip” you spout said several decades ago that what just happened would happen, somewhere/somehow WE need to address the why’s of that prophecy coming true and learn to deal with it without the constant labels of “racist.” OR it will continue. Hence my mentioning albeit sarcastically the Scots. This is the EXACT SAME thing that was happening 3 hundred years ago to them. This was EXACT same thing that was going on the 1970 -80’s with the Irish. And they were “white.” Color has nothing to do it. It is pure criminals using “race” to drum up hatred as an excuse to control others. If you keep feeding the fire laying blame where it does not belong, imho, it is no difference that “them” doing from the other side AND WILL ONLY CAUSE THE PROBLEMS TO CONTINUE.

    • Well if that is the same thing that happened to the Irish, why didn't he say the kids were imitating a Particular form of WHITE violent culture then? Because like you, he thinks that Black is a synonym for violence and it is okay to just lump black in with his adjectives for violence.

      THAT IS NOT OKAY AND WILL NEVER BE OKAY. You can try to intellectualize it if you want, but it is racist plain and simple. I cannot convince you it is because people like you have a way of thinking that is what it is. You can continue to bury your head in the sand and think it is not a form of scapegoatism and racism if you like, but so be it.

      • It started in a balck neighborhood did it not? Why would he comment that "whites" where the cause of black gangs? A man said these things decasdes ago would happen. They happened. Whites had nothing to do with it. It was black gang culture. A "particular" culture – a sub group or whatever you want to call. Walter E Williams points this kind of stuff out ALL THE TIME in this country – as does Sowell. But you don;t call them racist. Why? Oh yes, their skin color matches yours. Yet the say the same things. Sowell wrote about some of this on his book. Where is you condemnation of him? My Compatriot Nelson Winbush TALKS ABOUT AND HAS FOR DECADES. Where is you condmenation of him? He is a decendant of black Confederates. His son is a current US Naval officer. Why don't werite about the positive things these men have ccomplished instead of such as above?

  9. For example you claim Starky is condemning. What about comment such as “To prove his point, Starkey referenced an articulate successful black journalist who, he said, you’d never know was black based on hearing him on the radio.” This is the same racist crap made by black preachers against Obama – unless you missed that one claiming Obama was a “mac daddy?” Or, blacks condemning other blacks for “talking white.” But that’S ok right? Falls along lines blacks can call each other “N”, but when a white does it it’s racist.

      • My point is you, or black reporters seem to just sweep under the rug when blacks do what you claim whites are guilty of "racism." You say nothing. But you sensationalize stories as above to get media coverage. Where is story condemning "gangsta rap" and it use of same language use by whites?
        Why?I never read "blacks" covering the story of the "mac daddy" comment? I never read where blacks condmned Jesse jackson for saying Obama ought to "be cut." Where were they?? Where are they now?

        • I don't sensationalize anything to get media coverage. We cover stories that matter. Just because YOU dont see the value of them doesn't make them sensational. You just have no sensitivities to what we live and will not be outraged by these incidents. We live in the skin we live in and receive unequal and biased treatment all the time so of course when we see an example of it or someone stereotyping us, we will get upset and want to know who else is talking about it.

          So we are NOT sensationalizing, we are reporting what our audiences would respond to and are already talking about and since you do not live or have friends or associate with people from our audience, how do you know whether a news story is of value to us or not?

          This story has made news among general mainstream press in the UK. Are they too sensationalizing? No, they are responding to people's outrage about being scapegoated and slandered.

          Again, a white person has no right to tell me what to be offended by and then say by us reporting on it WE are being outrageous. You simply don't have that right.

          And so what you never saw a black paper comment on the "mac daddy" comment? What that have to do with anything? I never even heard of it and some of us might not have either. Just because you don't see us cover it doesn't mean we are trying to sweep it under the rug.

          You are trying to prove a negative and you cannot do that.

  10. If you cannot face the issues such as we saw during Katrina. It was mostly blacks. Sorry but it was. These problems in New Orleans did not occur just up river in Mississippi. But was it race? I think not. It was the “dependent” nature that the black culture has created for itself in that local over the past few decades. In spite of all the TRUE racism 100-150 years, blacks as well as whites, developed a “do for yourself” attitude and overcame whatever obstacle there was. Today the race card is played by both sides till it loses it’s real sense and no longer holds value because it is overplayed. For instance my almar mata, FAMU, a historically black school, is located just down the road from Havana. Yet, very few blacks seem to have any inclination or even knowledge to ascend to learn there. Why? Are they being held back by whites? OR, are they being held down by the dependent culture of “you owe me” society blacks themselves have created? Or the PARTICULAR violent gang culture of blacks?

    • "It was the “dependent” nature that the black culture has created for itself in that local over the past few decades."

      So you are saying the people who didn't have money to hop a plane, pack up their stuff and ship it to other states were at fault in Hurricane Katrina? Okay. So the Whites who lost all their things in the recent flooding in the Mississippi, they too are dependent and are victims of a victim mentality?

      Or the PARTICULAR violent gang culture of blacks? – BLACKS DO NOT HAVE A GANG CULTURE. None of the black people I know are in a gang culture. None belong to gangs. Their children are growing in two familiy households of college-educated parents. They are middle class.

      So you see once you put MY RACE in some racist generalization as such, I AM GOING TO GET OFFENDED because you included MY RACE. You can blame gang culture but DO NOT PUT MY RACE IN THERE because if you do, you are lumping ME AND MY BLACK FAMILY AND FRIENDS IN THERE TOO.

      Like it or not, you, Starkey and people who think like you are racist and are offensive to me.

      I don't believe in the dependent 'you owe me' culture and others do but they are individuals and I am another individual. Once you say "blacks are dependent people" who think the white man is suppressing them. You are offending ME because I am black and I do not think like that.

      You can say some low income blacks who rely on government assistance thrive on a culture of dependency. Fine. That is true. You can say some blacks belong to violent gangs. That is fine and true.

      YOU CANNOT SAY BLACKS HAVE A GANG CULTURE OR BLACKS HAVE A CULTURE OF DEPENDENCY. That is generalizing and that is offensive and that is WRONG AND INACCURATE. Point blank. End of Story!

      • I am not talking about teh recent flooding in MS, I was refering the damage done in MS during Katrina which in many cases was worse than New Orleans. yet we did not hear the problems there from white OR blacks as we did from NO.

        No one is generalizing but you. You are reading that into my comments. I, as Starkey have said aover and over it is a PARTICULAR part. It seems you cannot be an objective reporter but only a bias commentator. I do not think that helps solve real probelms. BTW, I do not think, as you wrote, blacks belong in violent gangs.

      • As I said about that seems to be the defense of those who try to discuss things like this, you automatically label them racist to seemingly justify the labeling. So I ask again are Sowell, Williams, etc racist when saying the same things I am? There are sub-cultures of blacks in gangs, just as there are in "white" society or any other "race" you choose. No one has generalized that "all blacks" have this culture. Go back listen to clip. Starky said over and over a "particular" part of the "black" culture.

        • He reference an island which some of that had come from. Do you deny that could happen? Ever heard of mafia? What do most automatically associate with it? Italians. Is that racist? I think not. That just happen to be a dominate part at a point in time. Much like now in London. It was black gangster that was killed by police. That is a PARTULAR sub-culture in that community. You can ignore that, use labels, etc if you want. But it's still ther and happening. Much like the Hispanics gangsters running dope in subs to Spain, by foot, car or whatever to the US. It is happening. It is not about race. It is about illegal activity and violence. Race is an excuse.

  11. Democrats constantly are supported by blacks. Yet, what truly has the Dem’s done? I talked with a local “black” Republican and he said they are keeping blacks “on the plantation.” I do not totally agree – I think both parties are using each other to keep us all on the plantation. As for the “clip” I think this was something similar to “The View”. It was set up. A left leaning “host” with two left leaning commentators against another person’s view. As anyone can see the type, directions and line of questioning and the constant interruption of the two trying to make Starky view ‘wrong” while ignoring the WHOLE of what he was trying to say.

  12. Btw, some of the first "pirates" the US had to deal with were black. See Thomas Jefferson and the use of the US Constitution "letters of Marque" against the Africans of Barbary coast (who had been attacking "whites" since the 1600's).

  13. This the reason for our our countries Marine Hym "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli…"

    History does not start in 1641 when the yankees passed slavery laws on this . Africans had been selling Arficans into slavery long before the "whites" even became involved. It is not about "race." Race is an excuse.

  14. Okay, mgpthoc, your posts have proven a great deal about your point of view and there is no purpose in debating someone who thinks like you do. You seem to love to generalize and are comfortable with people luming an entire RACE of people into one category based on their own limited understanding and experience. (e.g. the blacks you know near your alma mater don't understand some historical perspective therefore "blacks" in general have no interest in learning) okay. I see. Just don't have the energy to teach you a perspective you will never understand.

    Here is where we can agree to disagree. You can continue with your warped sense of history and perspective and I my own. Good day!

  15. I'm not the one generalizing. You are. I bring up valid points. I listen to "whole clip" and I do not think Starky said what you imply. He did not say ENTIRE race – he said over and over a PARTICULAR culture of the black race. It is you "reporting" this as such that is lumping it all together. I have used actual historical facts such as Jefferson dealing with Afircan pirates – irronically of not our US SEAL team did a very similar things to the Somolian Africans. You seem to want to ignore that. OK?

    In writing of blacks in my area, I was noting that FAMU – A historically black university – doesn't have an outreach program in "my" area to instill a learning environ, but many blacks around seem to just ride the Democrat wagon to the plantation expecting things to be given to them. But what do you say "I" have warped sense? Is that all you have to call me names?

  16. I re-listened to “whole clip.” Starky says “particular” culture referencing sub-culture in black community as the one being violent, which is true. *@1:28,3:46, 4:16, TRYS TO REENTERATE AT 9:02 BUT GETS CUT OFF, 9:27. 9:37)
    He states it “is not about skin color” but about that particular culture. (@2:04)
    He agreed with Dreda black culture was not homogenous – hence particular statement.(2:59)

    • Talks about rap being mostly violent (5:10) Sure there is Christian artist that use it, Dreda claims she does and even Starky himself said he has used it in studies. However over all what sells? Violence? Does any deny this?
      David Cameron – Brit Prime Minister agrees with my other statement it is about crime not race (7:00)
      Owen comment “those groups” singling out blacks, but no one accuses him of being racist. Is this not the same thing being claimed of Starky? ( 8:53)

      • BBS accuses Starky saying white + good, black + bad, which he never says and in background you hear him deny this, but they ignore him on that point (9:11)
        The only guy that actually says black culture – In general – is synonymous with gang culture is Owens when he agrees with statement (9:46)!

        Starky never equates violence with whole of black culture. The only guy that does is the young white guy. As for his comments about Petois, you can dent it if you want, you speak like that in a fortune 500 company see where it gets you. Wear you pants around your ankles to a job interview see if you are hired. I still haven’t figured out why Dreda is even there – a writer of fiction??? Is she just making stuff up?