Class Divide = Racial Divide

Class Divide = Racial Divide


Last week countless media hits about the ever increasing wealth divide between American ethnic groups drew much attention.  Though gains were made after the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, America’s economic divide continues to widen.  According to the Pew Research Center the median wealth of white’s is 20 times that of African Americans and 18 times that of Latinos.  Though many analysts and pundits immediately blamed the housing market there are many other issues that have resulted in the wealth disparity between American minorities and whites.

This issue is critical to minorities because President Obama is a minority.  African Americans and Latinos are in double digit unemployment while whites, again doing much better than minorities, are in single digits.  The American economy may recover but the beneficiaries of the economic recovery are likely to be only one group and class of citizens.

How could minority groups lose so much ground gained through the blood, sweat and tears of previous generations and still remain so far from any level of perceived success?

Got money?

The gaping divide is the widest it’s been in the past 25 years.  Before ethnicity and color factor in, the hard numbers depicting the divide between rich and poor, are the widest they have been in 30 year.  According to the Center for Budget and Policy the gap between the wealthiest, middle and working Americans has tripled in the past 30 years.

Over lap the two studies of wealth versus race and on one hand you have really rich whites and then there are the other “po’folk”.  Don’t bother venturing into rural Louisiana and other poverty stricken states to research economic divides.

Where are the solutions?  The solution is certainly not in defaulting on America’s obligations. Trickle down economics certainly will not reach the nation’s poor.  It’s time to hold people accountable.  What are the Equal Employment Opportunity Survey’s for? Release the data on the hiring practices of companies; allow the American public to see truth in numbers.  Make the data as easily accessible as the information on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  That’s a start.


  1. While technology won't cure all of these problems, it could and should be a large part of the solution. Numerous studies have found positive correlations between broadband adoption and job creation, economic development, entrepreneurship, etc. Once online, economic opportunities are available to every user. Additional resources should be allocated to bringing more Blacks and Hispanics online via broadband and ensuring that, once online, they're able to tap into the transformative power of this technology.

  2. Why not learn to create your own job. Do as former Confederate sharpshooter (who happened to be black) Holt Collier. He was a widely recognized good shot and good hunter. He took president Teddy Roosevelt hunting. It is because of him the "teddy bear" was created.

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