Michele Bachmann — Obama Has Failed Black America

Michele Bachmann — Obama Has Failed Black America


At the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans last week, Michelle Bachmann, the U.S. representative and candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, called out President Barack Obama by appealing to his base, African-American voters. The Minnesota congresswoman charged that Obama had failed African Americans.

Obama may defy history if he is reelected with unemployment at 9.1 percent. Presidential candidates are gunning for Obama as they seek to tie him to America’s joblessness.

Bachmann, as quoted by CNSNews.com:

“The status quo certainly isn’t working for the African-American community, with 16 percent unemployment, or the Hispanic community, with nearly 12 percent unemployment.”

“It’s even worse for the youth: For Hispanic youth right now, 26 percent unemployment; for African-American youth, 40 percent unemployment.”

“This president has failed the Hispanic community. He has failed the African-American community. He has failed us all when it comes to jobs.”

By citing high unemployment rates for African Americans and Latinos, Bachmann reinforced what some African-American political analysts have said. One particular Obama critic, Princeton University professor Cornel West, argues that the first African-American president’s policies have not increased black progress but rather benefited Wall Street and white elites.

It must be noted that black people have not done well in America’s economic downturn and have, in many cases, fared much worse than others.

But do the challenges Obama faces on any level make Bachmann a more appealing replacement?  No.  Her only success seems to be calling Obama out and promoting the negative conversation.


  1. Isn't it ironic that everything isdumped on President Obama. What happened to dumping on the Bush's who left us with all this mess!!!!!!!!

  2. Does not matter who drops what is dropped on Obama. Someone should drop is sorry butt.

    It is a shame how he has ignored the hood, middle class black but not black elites who pushed him into office.

    If you disagree that this so called brother is working for the black community give me some concrete evidence? You cant say on the education level (pell grants). Uping the amount on a grant does nothing when your not even prepared for college not to mention this is the same man that closed a voucher program in Washing for black children trying to get to a better school. He does not strike me as a brother! A brother from not exactly the hood but knows of it would not treat black people like we were not here. He is taking up the cause for Hispanics (immigration) but he does not even realize that this hurts blacks especially bad. Dang you black folks giving him you undying devotion are blind and intellectually lazy.

    Thanks for being there for us Barrak!! Thanks for thinking about us Barrak. First historic black man in office and he does squat that I can see for the black community. OH yeah I know what he has done, he has fought for gay rights and the right to keep killing little unborn children. WOW!!!!