Popeyes: Why I Like Annie the Chicken Queen

Popeyes: Why I Like Annie the Chicken Queen


It turns out that I am not the only one who has a notion that advertising by Popeyes Southern Fried Chicken exploits racial stereotypes.  Social media site members and bloggers are calling the Popeyes campaign racist.

Part of the Popeyes media strategy has been to use “real” people in advertisements.  For its new campaign, the Popeyes spokesperson is “Annie the Chicken Queen,” a straight-talking, feisty Southern black woman telling it like it is about her chicken.  “I work my fanny off making this chicken perfect,” she says, “and they practically give it away.”

AFC Enterprises is the parent company responsible for developing, operating and franchising the Popeyes Chicken brand.  The advertising firm GSD&M Idea City created the campaign.

A statement from Popeyes CMO Dick Lynch said that Annie is meant to be an “honest, vibrant, youthful and authentic” character.

“Everyone has a relative or a good friend who will give it to them straight,” Lynch said, “and that’s what Annie is all about.”

Though the commercial popped up on my genetic “race-dar,” I thought it was borderline.  Others, however, take a stronger view.

A group on Facebook calls for a boycott. “Popeyes Chicken is a restaurant that thrives off of the black community…,” the group states. “Although Popeyes is not the first fast food chain to feature a commercial with racial stereotypes, this recent offering is so OVERT and if it were filmed in black and white it would look like something straight out of Amos and Andy!  If you haven’t seen the commercial I speak of it features an African American Woman in her 40’s who is working at a Popeyes.  The minute the lady open’s her mouth she sounds like a Jive-talking mammy.  It is enough to make a person want to cringe.”

In the latest ad, she even appears in front of a picnic table and a lawn lined with southern oaks.

Are the commercials really racist? I believe they are not.

The first few advertisements were OK, but when they put her on a lawn lined with large Southern oaks, I thought “plantation.”  Then I considered those theories surrounding the origin of  “picnic” as being a social event ending in a lynching (though etymologists may take issue).

But, all that aside, I have to say, I like Annie the Chicken Queen. To me, someone native to the South, she seems familiar. She tugs at my heart with the comforting hospitality of Southern black matriarchs.

The problem may arise in how Popeyes positions her in the campaign. Exploitation is not good.

So, keep an eye on Popeyes, and see where its ad campaign takes Annie, and what she might do next to sell more chicken.



  1. I also like Annie. She does represent a typical down home southern cook. Sometimes we read TOO much into ads and commericials. Forunately, we can pick and choose the things we want and don't want to watch…. if it offends you – DON'T WATCH………

    • The actress DOESNT talk that way naturally. So she had to have been TOLD to sound like that. She isnt speaking with a southern accent. she is talking like a mammy. And I just saw her on CSI. GUESS WHAT? she played the sassy black woman who talked like she is on the chicken commercials. ALL WHILE THE WHITE ACTORS all sound totally dialect free! THATS why this is offensive. its like blacks or mexicans are only needed if the ad “needs” a black. In other words, “we want to find a black or hispanic that will “sound” what our definition of what the race acts or sounds like” and FORTUNATE FOR THEM, there is no shortage of whites that will react like you see here…”ITS NOT RACIST..GET OVER IT…STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD” we see those matching comments by whites on EVERY issue dealing with an offensive issue. Regardless of how obvious. The white run media will then find a minority, who will side with them. Cubs owners, actually DOCUMENTED that strategy to throw back at blacks when they planned on racially attacking obama in the election. So whites will quickly say how OTHERS shouldnt take offense when THEY insult others…..while standing in the majority populous.

      • My only problem is that she is referring to the company as her company, (her chicken) Knowing that she does not own the company. This is something that has happened for years. (Aunt Jamima, Uncle Ben’s, and on and on and on.)
        You know it was said that the man referred to as Uncle Ben never got paid a dime.AND THEY STILL USE HIS PICTURE AFTER HIS DEATH! I hope they are paying his family! (I know Annie is probably gettin PAID!!!) I still don’t think she should sell out.

    • Why is this stereo-typing, because the woman is black? Please … on that token, the Pep Boys are all white, so this is stereo-typing. The four men on Mt. Rushmore are all white … again, stereo-typing white people. Sound stupid? Yes, it does, just like what this article implies … stupidity.

      • Forgot to add … the person writing this article in black so it’s okay for him to imply something like this. But, if a white guy makes a stupid statement like this, he’s racist. I’m so tired of hearing/seeing black people get a free pass because they are a minority. People today are too damn sensitive and need to get real.

    • When I 1st saw this woman and heard that fake Southern accent I thought it was a damn joke. My family is from Louisiana; Many Parish, Shreveport and New Orleans to be exact. Her way of speaking is by far NOTHING like a person from those parts of Louisiana. Ive always loathed the way Popeyes has portrayed Louisiana and the people. I seriously doubt Deidrie Henry is even from Louisiana because there is no masking a true Louisiana accent. She speaks nothing like that in reality. Not even a little but. Popeyes it trying way too hard to sell that chicken. You cant fool real Southern folk Deidrie Henry aka Annie The Chicken Queen. I saw right through that fake accent from the very 1st commercial.

    • for one thing.. annie got the job.. i eat popeyes every tuesday, every tuesday. i love that place, this girl got the job, she was paid, it isn’t always a black thing… we are talking about chicken. i live in arkansas, from louisiana, and i am glad they built a third popeyes in my area, but i will continue to eat there as i did in alexandria, we all love chicken, all of us. so why does everyone have to make a comment about another thing about blacks, can’t we all just say we are chicken eaters. i am white, but i love chicken more than anybody.. give it a rest about the race card.. this girl got a part on tv and made money.

    • Popeye’s is based on lies, using Game hens rather than chicken and saying the actress actually made the recipes portrayed by Popeye’s. They have lowered themselves to the depths of McDonald’s!

    • I agree, what if I ,was the spokes person , I m 60, white , white people would complain , statistical of taking advantage of a old woman , I don’t feel old, but I look old. Anyone is going to find a way of getting thier 30 seconds of idiot fame. Get over it folks .

    • So what if the ad annoyed you?? It is not racist. If she is speaking the way she naturally does or those who are from Louisianna, what is the Big Fucking Deal!!!! Should she speak like a dignified white person? (I mean no offense to White people at all) We get it… Black people are ALSO EDUCATED PEOPLE and should ALWAYS BE ON 24/7 OF OUR LIVES.

      • She doesnt really talk like that u dummy thats the point! Ur right if she really did talk like that then it would be less of a problem. Have u even been to Louisianna? What is wrong with u? We dont talk like that anymore. This aint Good Times man so stop talkin shit that u dont kno shit about.

        • Jordan, your ignorance shows, not only in your content, but your obvious lack of grammar and spelling skills. Now I suppose you’re going to expect all black actors to speak the King’s English. Why don’t you go after Larry the cable guy, he doesn’t really speak like that either, but people love it and that’s the whole point. The only people that need to worry about this “issue” are the staff of Popeyes and “Annie”. Pardon me, but you have really “showed yo ass”, moron. You, and others like you, spend to much time crying about non issues like this when priests and teachers are molesting our children and Muslims are hell bent on killing us because we have a different life style. But I guess you don’t particularly care unless black people are involved. Why don’t you become a card carrying member of the Jesse Jackson fan club… Oh, wait, I guess you already are. This goes for all the rest of you that have a problem with Annie, black, white, or any other race!

          • Whoa, Joe. I am mortified by your comment. I really hope between 2013 and 2017 you’ve become more educated. Grammar nit-picking is one thing, and I can totally get behind rescuing the English language from a sad demise (by the way you typed “to” instead of “too”). Beyond that, you are completely downplaying the absolute terror that many people of color have had to survive (and many didn’t survive) in America. This issue isn’t just in the past, however. We cannot afford to backslide like you suggest. You are putting a minority of Americans on a pedestal – those being harmed by “priests and teachers . . . molesting,” and “Muslims hell bent on killing us.” Meanwhile you take another group of Americans, people of color, and say that their fears and issues with people stereotyping them and not seeing beyond the color of their skin or the history of their persecution in America is invalid. There are STILL white supremacists and KKK members at large today! There are STILL neo-nazis persecuting anyone who doesn’t look just like them! There are STILL hate crimes based on the color of people’s skin. There STILL exists a battle between our government and Native Americans! There are STILL parents who want their children’s public schools to be as segregated as possible. There are STILL unaccredited schools teaching children in low income areas who could just as easily drive to the accredited public school but aren’t allowed to or don’t feel welcome. Those are just some of the big issues, but on a daily basis there are race related micro aggression and outright aggression in schools, businesses, and everywhere else. Why is one group of Americans more important to you than another? Calling racism a non-issue is so ignorant. I see racism almost every day. I see the left overs from decades before as well as new kinds of stereotypes and fears between races and groups of people. Case in point, you being afraid of all Muslims whom you believe ALL to be “hell bent” on killing you. WHAT THE FUCK, JOE. Also, I don’t like Larry the Cable Guy. I think he’s a phony. A caucasian male named Al started Popeyes. Now it’s owned by a big company that owns Burger King and Tim Hortons. Popeyes suggests in the commercial that Annie is the cook, owner, recipe maker and general ruler of all things Popeyes. She’s actually just an actress. Whether or not you like Annie or think she’s just one big stereotype, Popeyes is deceiving its audience in order to increase sales with the black American community. The company is not owned by a spunky black American woman, presumably from Louisiana, and furthermore she doesn’t make the food or the menu. And to wrap up this comment, what is your problem with Jesse Jackson? Aside from being a hero from the civil rights movement, he was also just as worried about middle eastern terrorists as you seem to be. Maybe you’d like him!

      • Your statement is exactly why i can not stand behind picky protestors. They want to stop stereotypical advertisements, while they continue to help increase the company’s profit. I guess the chicken is that good.

    • REALLY!!!! I am Black, born in 1956. Although I was a child during civil rights movement, I was raised by parents that saw the important value of being aware of history and what we make of it today. I served in the Army for 6 yrs., during the tail end of the Vietnam war. My career was cut short by friendly fire, because 3 American Air Force AP’s, from Boston, didn’t like the idea Black and Hispanic soldiers dancing with white women in the NCO Club. I went to Washington when we pushed for Martin Luther King Jr. birthday to become a national holiday. I’ve been involved with boycotts for legitimate acts of racial discrimination. I put my money and freedom on the line for what I truly believe in. When Kentucky Friend Chicken boasted about Colonel Sanders secret 12 herbs and spices in his chicken recipe; everyone black, that I knew were outraged and stated that the plantation owning Sanders high jacked the recipe from blacks that possibly worked for him. I saw the opinion more realistic than not, yet those same individuals continue buying the product in the midst of their outrage. Now you want to complain about one of our own who is making an honest and successful living, being the spokesperson for Popeye chicken? There are plenty of real concerns we should sound off on, like the recent murder of 24 yr. old Jonathan Ferrell who was shot multiple times by 27 year old cop, Randall Kerrick in Charlotte N.C. Trayvon Martin is one out of thousands that paid the ultimate price for prejudice. I’m more insulted by our own using the N***GER word as a term of endearment or to sell music, while our people are shot, stabbed, rundown and lynch by people calling them that exact same name while our own take their last breath. Love, respect, educate yourself and your own household. You wouldn’t have time to cry about how Anne looks like a mammy on television. FOOD FOR THOUGHT; During slavery, we where inflicted with every kind of abuse conceived by man. If you are light in complexion, somebody white, bedded your ancestors. Our ancestors were like cattle, own by Caucasians, therefore they weren’t treated like humans. They were branded by whites as verification of ownership. The majority of the weaves you place on your hair to look anything but what you truly are, comes from countries in the middle east. Look at the labels on all the expensive designer clothing and accessories you buy on a regular basis. China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, etc. appreciate the business from America’s 2nd. largest consumer group yet if we need food to survive, they don’t give a damn. Yet you keep them wealthy. Have you seen the new, 2014 Toyota Carolla commercial with the Black DJ and the 70’s style Soul Train line?
      Far too many of us still wear mastas brand and volunteer to walk the road of slavery to be trendy with those they feel are in. Be wise, (hasta pronto) and choose your battles carefully. There are plenty of them to choose from.

    • aloysia, i was so annoyed reading your comment. i had to send you a message.. give it a break, louisiana is well known for the friendliest people, and here you are showing how ignorant you are. the girl was paid to do a job, you should be as a black woman thanking popeyes for giving a black woman a job, if it would have been a white you would still have been annoyed it was not a black woman. i bet annie was happy she got the job, then to have hateful woman complaining she did not sound southern enough to them.. give it a break.. damn.

    • aloysia, this comment is for you,i was so annoyed reading your comment. i had to send you a message.. give it a break, louisiana is well known for the friendliest people, and here you are showing how ignorant you are. the girl was paid to do a job, you should be as a black woman thanking popeyes for giving a black woman a job, if it would have been a white you would still have been annoyed it was not a black woman. i bet annie was happy she got the job, then to have hateful woman complaining she did not sound southern enough to them.. give it a break..

  2. c'mon that's some racist sh#t and is funny how some of our people still eating this junk that's killing us one by one being fat is not only unatractive but it kills you leaving your children without a mom a dad this is food that i eat once in a blue moon at a family gathering eat healthier folks cutt this murderous plot they have on our people

    • Stop being over dramatic! Just as you're born you fucking dying. Get the fuck out of here! Popeyes Chicken is not the end all of foods that are unhealthy for us. Everyone must know what they should have, how much and for how long. Simple!

    • Stupid conspiracy crap, no one is roping you and dragging you into a Popeyes and shoving it down your throat. I enjoy Popeyes occasionally and I’m not obese (slightly paunchy), I accept my responsibility as an adult with respect to everything in my life, including my diet and weight. If you expect people to listen to your point of view come up with something that remotely resembles intelligent thought process. The reason your mom didn’t have a dad is not because of CHICKEN! Ask your mother where the baby daddy is. I’m so tired of hearing victicrats whining about their lives that they decided to destroy, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, food, or anything else that you can over abuse. Long live Annie!

    • Wow..You are so lucky! Reece and Betsy get along beautifully..until they don’t..it is so odd That’s ptetry neat Brandy..interesting fact about the tandem nursing I think you may be on to something!Katie s last [type] ..

    • Personally, I’d love to have a Nationals-Orioles World Series. Partially, bucease it’d be good for the area. Partially bucease my nephew in DC roots for the Nats. Partially bucease of the drought (Nats never in, Orioles not since 83). But also, I must admit, in large part, bucease the television ratings would be terrible and it would just about give Bud Selig a stroke.

  3. Everytime I turn on my TV I see white pple most of the time so why not have a African American on a commercial every once in awhile regardless what its advertising! White folks try to take everything! Get with it!

    • I appreciate your general point of view, Ebonee, but it’s just not a racist topic, one way or the other. Please keep in mind that there are a lot of white people, therefore, a lot in commercials. I believe that there should be as many black people in commercials, movies, tv, sports, etc. based on what’s profitable for those involved and not based on numbers of how many people of a particular race there are. That’s why it’s ok for black people to dominate sports, for example, and I’m not saying that’s the only example, it’s just the most obvious one. Nobody should be automatically included or excluded because of their race, that’s the true definition of racism, aside from blatant hate based on race. As long as people are upset about who gets what and assuming there exists either a benefit, or lack thereof based on race, racism will live on.

  4. I’m hoping I pinch myself and awake from this dream. I cannot believe that you guys are arguing over a commercial. Grant it…each of you have good points but how many of you guys can say you never & still don’t eat from Popeyes? I am a 29 yr old black female , from Louisiana, who was and still at times remain active in my community. When donations are needed this company stepped in and helped out. So as far as the whole racial issue, I can’t see it . I will say this and I’m pretty sure you all heard it before…you can see the glass as being half empty or half full. Put that into play the next time you watch the commercial. We leave in America, land of the free, where everyone has an opinion and are.free to voice it as they please. So if you live in a negative bubble, are racist, or are just plain ignorant it will show when you speak.

  5. And one more thing. …if you are upset by any cause at all, let it motivate you to take action and make a difference. Back in the day, people made a difference by not only taking a stand but coming together as one. How do we tell our kids love thy neighbor or live in harmony but continuously proclaim one race to be better or sit beneath another? Slavery will never be eradicated if you continue to keep it alive. I feel like if Annie is not complaining why are you.

  6. I’m Irish and I can make a pretty good corned beef and cabbage. I learned from my parents who were Irish. I know someone who is Italian and they taught me how to make a mean eggplant parmegian (sp) and in my travels, I am sorry to say this but those of black heritage just know how to make chicken. I’ve been to KFC with white people and the chicken is not as good as one run by someone who is black. They just have a superior knack for frying chicken. I don’t see her as a black woman but someone who is enticing me to eat the chicken from Popeye’s and I got to tell you, Popeye’s is the best chicken I have ever had. I even eat their bisquits without butter.

    I don’t like dark meat unless you get it from Popeye’s. There is just something about the way the make it. Especially the spicy. If I see their sign, I salivate.

    If you think I am racist because I think black people are superior at making chicken, I would think that is a little ignorant.

    I think the Chinese make Chinese food better than anyone else. Is that being racist?

    Granted, there are probably a few out there that shouldn’t go anywhere near a chicken but those are far and few between.

    • AMEN, Beauty! Well spoken, you are a shining example of someone who understands and is able to make a coherent point. I am proud to share this earth with human beings that have a true love for the others, even if those others lack the ability to understand the way you do. I firmly believe that the more you rail about this problem, the more power you give those that have the ignorant belief that they are superior to others based on race.

      • Joe,
        Your point is well taken. However, while you are right that particular ethnic groups excel in cooking certain types of food. The issue that we are facing here is not whether it is true or not, or if we do have the freedom of speech… It is that in an extremely diversified country we as Americans have to take into consideration the negativity of stereotyping or offending people. A good example of this is the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in NAACP Vs. The State of Georgia. The ruling in that case determined that the state of Georgia had to remove the Georgia regiment battle flag down from over the capital building. Why? Because while it was simply a regiment battle flag, it was and still is thought of by many of the confederate flag. However, as I stated before. It is not what is true or not. It is how it is perceived.

    • Martin! Black people can’t automatically make great chicken, it’s the recipe. There are a lot of people working at Popeyes that aren’t black. I suppose you think they grow the best watermelon too? Now that’s bordering on racism! Now, where the recipe came from is of great importance, and it’s from the Louisiana culture and, yes, Virginia, there are a lot of black people there, DUH!

    • Funny. Popeye’s was created by a white kid named Al Copeland. He developed the recipes and founded the company which manufactured the spices still used in the restaurant chain.

  7. By the way, Britton Lofton is a good example of the continuing perpetration of racist attitudes, looking for anything to bitch about. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he’s a “Political Strategist and Director of a Legislative & Government Affairs firm”. Is that supposed to be impressive? Just another example of a useless position that is unnecessary and people are afraid to call him out on this, because he’s a black man OOOOOOH! It’s this stupid stereotyping that develops his mentality. He should try thinking for himself, instead of drinking the koolaid because it’s good for his “career”.

  8. ‘Annie’ is played by an actress, Deidre Henry, who is as smart and talented as she is beautiful. I know her to be a strong woman, proud of herself and her heritage, and wouldn’t be playing this role – and yes, it IS a role – if she found it in any way demeaning to herself or her race. She is playing a woman who wants you to come eat some of her delicious friend chicken at Popeye’s. Would the campaign be as effective with a white woman? an Asian man? a talking baby? Probably not. Does that make it racist or just smart marketing? Deidre’s happy to be bringing home a pretty nice paycheck for playing Annie until the campaign runs its course. I would be, too! She’s a wonderful singer as well, and this exposure can only help her career. And Popeye’s has really good chicken, so I can’t fault her for false advertising, either!

    • William,

      You sound like the typical white trash beget that cares about nobody but himself and would sell out for a paycheck…

      Now, was that fair to say? No, because it is a general stereotype based a statement you made.

      Furthermore, it does not matter the actress’ perception of the role she is playing. It is the perception of the millions of Americans that have to see the commercial again and again.

      • in that interview, in my hublme opinion, is He said, ‘A mediocre idea executed brilliantly wins every time.’ I really argued with him. I was young, and I was going to do brilliant things, not mediocre things. So I argued and argued. And he said, ‘You wait.’ I didn’t yet understand the power of following through and truly fixing problems and implementing crazy ideas; it’s much harder to do than thinking them up. I now agree with him completely.

    • one way is after fleilting the fish.put fleilt on bench skin side down.now holding fleilt by one end and by the skin.run your knife along the fleilt as close to the skin as possible.just depends how big your fish is.good luck

    • Tadas, I think the point isn’t that water cooler cthtaing is bad. In fact, I think most people would agree with you that it can be a good thing.The point is that complaining and gossip don’t lead to great products.

  9. Racist or not racist, its just STUPID. She constantly refers to the product as “hers”. NOT even close to believable. What was she? Maybe 5 when Popeyes was started, show me ANY woman white or black around 60 and I MIGHT believe its “her” chicken. Just insulting to the intelligence.

  10. I adore Annie. She is like every Southern Lady I know (I was born and raised in Alabama, 30 years military, and back home) along with most of my People. Plus, I love the Chicken. Not as good as my wife’s but it still tastes like home.

  11. I don’t find the commercials racist, but then i’m an American of Irish descent, and whiter than Casper the Friendly Ghost. I just think she’s a very beautiful woman making commercials for some pretty good chicken. Since I watch them, and buy the product, I’d say their marketing works. Lord knows I have contributed to Popeye’s cash registers regularly. Now if “Annie” would just run off into the sunset and jump the broom with me, all would be right with the world. Y’all don’t try to read so much into it. Relax, have a piece of chicken. Hell, have two, they’ll make more.

  12. I have one issue with the commercials. She says,” it’s her chicken as if it’s her company”. I’m confused or understand the commercial wrong. The reason I say this is because she doesn’t represent the chain of Popeye’s as the owner or do she. Also as far as racist is concern, well now chicken is known to be associated with our kind and since that is so why wouldn’t they use our own people to entice use to make money off us. LOL We are the fools. They do it all the time.

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  14. It is the same concept that we had years ago with Aunt Jemima or Uncle Ben, it was ok then for their faces to be on food products for advertisers to sell but now they have a problem with Annie. Get out of town, if you are that picky about looking at the color of the person in the ad and not paying attention to the product, you need some help. And why wouldn’t it be ok to target the population that is the biggest consumer of their product? Whether it is KFC or Popeyes if you like it eat it and if not stay stop causing controversy. As others stated in previous posts worry about more important things in life.

  15. Al Copeland (a white guy) started Popeye’s in New Orleans and was also the creator of the recipe for the chicken. Even after his death he still owns the rights “Although Copeland lost Popeyes in the bankruptcy, he retained the rights to some Popeyes recipes and products.[1] He manufactured the spices through his Diversified Foods & Seasonings plants located in Metairie, Madisonville, New Orleans, Mobile, San Antonio and Nebraska City. The Diversified Foods & Seasonings contract with Popeyes extends through 2025”

  16. This lady does not have a clue about culture in Louisiana. If she did she wouldn’t tell people she is going to put Cajun blood in them. Cajun are racist white people who live in Southwestern Louisiana and have mistreated blacks for years.

    • 歡迎光臨 語境 指 context 亦即上文下理 試想你批評我的 A 意見 但第三者卻把你的批評說話塑造成批評我的 B 意見 那就是搞錯了上文下理 這與你贊成或反對我的 B 意見無關 閣下說我 沒有探究事實 這真是奇怪 如果亞視的報道原文和未經剪輯的 NOW/有線新聞片段都不算證據的話 你要探究甚麼 事實 才滿意

    • This place sucks!! the owner is rude and unprofessional..skip that..they chgrae you 45 cents for every sachet of extra ketchup (you get 2 with your order, no matter how big your order is) creepy

  17. I really like Popeye’s. I had never tried it before I saw Annie in a commercial. Why does anyone really care that she is black? If I could make the money she made to do a commercial I certainly would. I know there will be flack, but for heavens sake can’t we get past racism. I like her and she does a good job on the commercials.

  18. Nothing wrong with the commercials and nothing wrong for sure with Annie! I happen to like Popeyes chicken and I think Ms Annie is hot and sexy as hell! I finally found out that Annie,s real name is Diedre Henry and I would love to meet her.As for all the racist/uncle tom comments you people need to get a life! If you can,t stand the heat get out of the damn kitchen!

  19. Who ever thinks the commercials are racist are f**king stupid. That Is how ppl talk in New Orleans. they are just trying to reach the locals on a personal level this is how us locals think feel and speak about our Popeyes this is not just a fast food chain to us it is a local fav. That we all grew up loving respecting and it will always be a New Orleans fav

  20. And for the ppl who are all wondering about why she calls it her chicken well I ise to be a cook at Popeyes and know how she feels. Their portraying Her to work at a Popeyes is all and just like and any other chief when you cook a meal you considerate yours don’t you? All their trying to do is make her more believable. Cause all of Cajuns,coonasses or what ever you wanna call us take serious pride in our cooking and yes we call it ours cause we will slave over a stove for hours on end to cook a good meal. Hell I will spend 4-6 hours sturring my roux for gumbo and that’s just the base.

  21. Yes she is a black woman so what.I’m a white woman and would eat Popeye’s chicken before I would KFC. Yuck it’s awful to me seems like not cooked enough and too greasy. I like Annie’s commercial. I wish we had a Popeye’s closer to my home. I looked this up because I wanted to know if Annie was the CEO. Keep up the good work and great food.

  22. I don’t care if it’s racist she’s chose to talk that way what gets me is in the new commercial she’s says she traveled around the world gathering peppers for her chicken (BS) and then asks the Hispanic lady in the commercial where the peppers are from? Didn’t you just get back from finding these peppers your self? (BS) A pack of lies and they serve game hens and call it chicken.

  23. Really! Black people love chicken, it’s not a mystery. Add some watermelon and grape soda and I’m right them. Just because they cook fried chicken better my white ass, gives me no reason to be stereotypical. Not a damn thing wrong with good ass chicken, no matter who cooks it!!!! Get over it!!

  24. I could not careless to be honest about Black Americans being a target, and suffering from discrimination and playing the victim it is getting tiresome and just like their country. I cannot have sympathy or support or respect them. If there was ever a country that I was going to suffer such extreme discrimination it is America it is the most discriminatory country in the world and I have suffered with it from Hispanics, Black Americans and the Jews here. So these Black Americans need to get off their victim is me stand I do not find it convincing. I find these Popeye’s Louisiana Fast commercials quite entertaining .

  25. The commercial is stereotypical because Popeyes is using a black person to sell but the owner is white, how is it that something we created whites are making millions off of? I wish black people stop being so damn stupid! Please wake up and smell the damn coffee, I am not spending any more time making white people rich, we need to take back what’s ours, and have ownership, DAMN

  26. To jack you know you would never let a black person make millions off of baked beans maybe we should take something of the white race and make millions off of it, and tell you to get over it! Ignorance…,,

  27. I am as white as can be. I just love her. I would hope she is as vibrant and beautiful in real life. You racist creeps should just go crawl back under your rocks.

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    • Is this a bizarre joke? Are you for real? Well for anyone who thinks racism is an outdated, non-issue – look no further than Bobby Ray’s comment, here. He is proud to say he is better than people of color, just because he is Caucasian. Yeah, racism definitely still exists, y’all . . . I don’t really know how some of the people on this thread can possibly believe it’s not happening when you have people like this just commenting online to their heart’s content. I don’t really even know where to begin with Bobby Ray’s comment. I am honestly just at a total loss, here.

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  33. That sounds about right Nola.I remember the older people talking of him “supposidly”getting the recipes from his black maid.I remember as a child going to see a giant display of Christmas lights in his neighborhood.He got complaints from the neighbors because of the traffic.The last light show i remember was in an office building.It was beautiful.Then i remember hearing he went bankrupt.I always wondered what compelled him to spend all that money every year on that light show for those families from the surrounding neighborhoods.I remember it was something to look forward to when i was a child.It made him a good person in my book.I guess when i hear “Annie” talk in those commercials it does give a feel of a stereotype mami or older black person.No offense to her but,i guess i thought they could have done a lil better with the southern accent.I applaude her for trying tho.