First Couple Makes an ‘Oprah Show’ Appearance

First Couple Makes an ‘Oprah Show’ Appearance


With less than a month left on her syndicated daytime talk show, Oprah Winfrey has scored yet another home run with her guest line-up. This time, President and Mrs. Obama will make an appearance on the Chicago-based talk show on May 2.

The Obamas are no stranger to Winfrey’s media world, since they are personal friends. As a U.S. senator, Obama appeared on the show with his wife discussing his book The Audacity of Hope. A few years later, Winfrey became a public supporter of Obama’s presidential bid and campaigned on his behalf. Since taking office, the First Couple has also been featured in Winfrey’s O Magazine and a primetime special she hosted. Mrs. Obama recently visited the ‘Oprah Show’ in early 2011 to show her support for military families and encourage others to do the same.

President and Mrs. Obama taped their latest ‘Oprah Show’ appearance on Wednesday during a day-trip to Chicago. Winfrey’s company, Harpo Productions, has embargoed most of the interview until its air date. They did, however, release a few details about what the First Couple discussed with the media icon.

According to some brief footage, Winfrey used the interview to ask a few questions about a hot news topic of the day. They discussed the often-baffling ‘Birther’ controversy about where the president was born.

“Why did you wait so long…?” Winfrey asked Obama about the time it took him to respond directly to the Birther detractors.

The president noted that the controversy started over two years ago before he took office. It gradually subsided. But, then NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” star Donald Trump, began floating the idea of a presidential run. From there, he began vigorous attacks on the president, specifically on the authenticity of his birthplace and education.

“My general point is this, we are living in a very serious time and America has huge potential and opportunity to seize the 21st century,” the president noted to Winfrey.

“We’re only gonna get there, though, if we have a serious conversation about the things that matter to people,” he added.

A few hours before the interview with Winfrey, the president participated in a very brief and somewhat tense press conference at the White House. Earlier in the morning, officials released the long-form copy of President Obama’s birth certificate to the media hoping to stamp out the unfounded rumors about the president’s citizenship.

With issues such as the federal budget, soaring gas prices, and job growth at play, President Obama felt he needed to help steer the national conversation. In Wednesday’s press conference, he scolded media outlets that focused more on the rumors about his birth certificate than real issues, such as the budget battle.

As for the ‘Oprah Show’ appearance, the First Couple join a growing list of celebrities who either stopped by the show or taped well wishes for Winfrey since her talk show will end on May 25.