Al Green: Speaking Out for America’s Economic Growth

Al Green: Speaking Out for America’s Economic Growth


When you study U.S. Representative Al Green’s position on economic issues, it’s no wonder why President Barack Obama invited him and a select number of his congressional colleagues to witness the president sign into law the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010. The recent downturn in the American economy has given the Texas Democrat ample opportunity to apply his legal and business skills toward seeking solutions to the country’s economic problems.

As in his support for the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act, Mr. Green emphasized the need to improve access to capital on the part of small businesses.  He also acknowledged the benefits tax cuts could provide to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

While Mr. Green appreciates the need for businesses to grow their revenues, he also places equal emphasis on ensuring that America’s social safety net is in place to support those displaced by recent economic events.

For example, in March 2010, Mr. Green promoted the Earned Income Tax Credit toward residents in his district, reminding taxpayers to not pass up the opportunity to determine their eligibility and filing for the refundable credit.

In December 2009, Mr. Green advocated for a special fund designed to assist struggling minority-owned newspapers and broadcasting companies. He also called for stepped up efforts on the part of the federal government to purchase advertisement from minority-owned media firms.

Originally from New Orleans, Mr. Green is in his second term as the U.S. representative from Texas’ 9th district.  He serves on the House’s Committee on Financial Services and the Committee on Homeland Security.

As testament to his work on issues impacting the African American community, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People awarded Mr. Green a score of 100% on its Mid-Term Legislative Report Card for the 110th Congress. Upon notice of the award, Mr. Green stated that, “For nearly a century, the NAACP Legislative Report Card has held Members of Congress accountable for their votes on key civil rights issues.” Added Green, “I am proud to continue my work in Congress on behalf of the ideals of civil rights and equal opportunity championed by the NAACP and people of good will throughout the country.”

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