Ed Towns: A Man of the People

Ed Towns: A Man of the People


Health care administrator.  Public school teacher.  Social Worker.  Professor.  United States Army veteran.  Ordained Minister.  U.S. Congressman.

The work Congressman Edolphus “Ed” Towns does today in Washington reflects the conscience of a man who has truly seen the needs of the people:  As a young health care administrator at Beth Israel Medical Center, he  witnessed the financial struggle brought on by medical bills.  As a social worker, he was frustrated with the system that left families disconnected and lives disjointed; and as a public school teacher, he watched the disappointment of young students unable to pursue higher education because the costs of college were just too high.

Towns has parleyed his diverse career experiences prior to being elected to Congress into 28 years of legislative service, making a positive difference in the lives of the people of Brooklyn, NY.  Towns has been representing one of New York’s most diverse congressional districts since 1983.

New York’s 10th Congressional district includes the neighborhoods of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Boreum Hill, Brownsville, Canarsie, Clinton Hill, Cypress Hills, downtown Brooklyn, East New York, Midwood, Mill Basin, as well as parts of Fort Greene and Williamsburg.  This area is among one of the most racially, economically and religiously diverse congressional districts in the country, bringing together Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Caribbean, Native American, and Jewish residents; and it takes a man with such an array of experiences to relate to the many different people who call the 10th district home.

During his tenure in Congress, Towns has maintained a focus on improving health care services, strengthening the education system, ensuring that all communities have access to affordable housing and fighting for a responsible budget that protects Social Security, to name a few of the causes he passionately champions.  Even before the historic vote for universal health care, Congressman Towns has been sponsoring/co-sponsoring legislation meant to improve health care and its accessibility and affordability for years.  He has always been a strong advocate for increases in funding to help low-income students achieve dreams of a higher education. Most recently, Congressman Towns co-sponsored the American Dream Act, which would’ve prevented the deportation of any undocumented immigrant who had been accepted into an institution of higher education or has graduated high school.  Even as those on the right seek to eradicate Social Security and privatize it, Towns is still speaking up for the people who would find themselves living in poverty without the benefits social security affords.

Having taken heat for his stance on Internet regulation, Towns points straight to the people he serves when questioned about his position.  As with anything, he supports the policies that will improve the lives of his constituents or, in this case, deliver the life altering tools of broadband access to schools, libraries and the homes of low-income Americans above all else.

In a political environment charged by bias, partisanship and ‘my four and no more’ mentalities, Congressman Towns continues to rise above political gamesmanship to represent all of his constituents and their varied interests and needs with the wisdom of one who has seen their plight first hand.

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