Nigeria Will Host World Summit of Mayors in Late February

Nigeria Will Host World Summit of Mayors in Late February


One of the largest gatherings of black mayors discussing issues of the African diaspora will take place in Nigeria at the end of February.

Osogbo, Nigeria, in the state of Osun, will be home to the World Summit of Mayors conference from February 25 – March 3.  Attendees will include U.S.-based members of the National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM) and other organizations. NCBM is partnering with the World Conference of Mayors and the Osun state government to execute the event.

Event organizers say that a major goal of the conference is to address the issue of corruption in Africa. They hope that with some of the best minds in public service and Black political discourse available on-site that they will be able to develop some concrete solutions to the problem which has plagued many countries in Africa for generations.

NCBM Executive Director Vanessa Williams addressed the conference goals of tackling corruption on the African continent.

“We want to eliminate all issues that make it impossible for the blacks all over the world to come together to discuss common issues that affect their race and proffer solutions to these problems,” Ms. Williams said.

In addition to corruption, the mayors will also cover issues related to health care, infrastructure building, agriculture, and education, to name a few.

The National Conference of Black Mayors, founded in 1974, is a representative group of over 650 mayors of color in the United States. Together, the leaders have a constituency of over 48 million Americans.  The group provides executive level support to the mayors, as well as information on municipal development and financing.

The World Conference of Mayors, also known as the United Nations of Cities, was started in 1984 in west Africa. The goal of the founders was to provide support to mayors, appointed officials and dignitaries of color around the globe.