Gaskins Releases Personal Finance Kit

Gaskins Releases Personal Finance Kit


Renowned financial consultant Toussaint Gaskins has released “The Personal Finance Kit: The Practical Management Resource Guide,” a user-friendly road map which he says is designed to “educate, enlighten and empower” readers and help them reach their financial goals.

“I’ve been blessed to interact with thousands of people, from all different socio-economic and educational backgrounds,” says Gaskins. “And what I have discovered is that the great majority of our people are uncomfortable talking about money and uninformed about the financial management tools at their disposal that will help them lead a better life. That’s why I wrote this book.”

Touted for its comprehensive scope, “The Personal Finance Kit” addresses financial matters that are relevant to the average family. Says Gaskins, “Every household that uses money will find something of value in ‘The Personal Finance Kit.’

“The Personal Finance Kit” is so widely regarded as a valuable resource within the finance world that it is currently being used by the Virgin Islands Government Employees Retirement System as the core text for its 12-part monthly seminar series on personal financial planning and management. Lorraine Gumbs-Morton, PIO for the Retirement System explains: “This program will increase members’ level of financial literacy while providing the necessary tools to become more financially savvy and self-empowered.”

In addition to the printed version of “The Personal Finance Kit,” Gaskins has also announced the launch of, an online companion to the book featuring real time financial tips and the much-anticipated Wealth’s Wisdom, which Gaskins describes as “a series of empowering, enriching and motivational messages about prosperity and abundant living.”

As the founder and principal of Inove Asset Management in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Gaskins boasts more than 15 years experience in investment management, sales, corporate finance, marketing and strategic planning.

Founded in 2009, Inove is an advisory firm that consults institutional and private clients in asset management, plan design, comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, risk analysis and portfolio diversification.

Prior to founding Inove, Gaskins, a native of Washington, D.C., was a principal at a regional investment banking and securities firm in Bowie, MD. He has previously held director’s positions at institutional investment advisory firm and national investment banking and securities firms, located in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.