President Obama Declares November 14-20 American Education Week

President Obama Declares November 14-20 American Education Week


Our nation is only as strong as the education its citizens receive. The White House wants all Americans to understand this message today and in the future.

As a result, President Barack Obama has declared November 14-20 as American Education Week. During this time, he encourages all Americans to support their local schools through events and programs that promote learning at all levels. In a written proclamation, the Commander-In-Chief reinforced the value of education as a right in everyone’s life from birth and to their careers.

President Obama also linked the value of strong global leadership to a quality education. He reminded Americans that in order to prosper, they must educate themselves. In today’s interconnected world economy, nations and people are increasingly competing for the same resources and opportunities.

“To foster the next generation of great American leaders, we must continue to invest in education at all levels, work with States and districts to improve our educational system, and encourage reforms that ensure the development of our students and teachers,” Obama stated.

The proclamation of American Education Week is not just a ceremonial gesture for the president. He reminded Americans of the tangible results his Administration seeks for the nation.

“We have also set a goal of once again having the highest proportion of college graduates of any country across the globe by the year 2020,” the president added.

The nation currently ranks 12th in the percentage of 25 to 34 year olds holding post-secondary degrees, falling from first place, according to a report this summer by the College Board. The numbers improve when older adults are considered. But, it still points to a generation that is falling behind its parents in education.

The president concluded that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that American students are educated properly. Most importantly, as a service to all students, we must insist on excellence from them as they strive to reach and exceed their goals.