EPA Taps Black Mayor to Head Local Advisory Committee

EPA Taps Black Mayor to Head Local Advisory Committee


The Environmental Protection Agency has selected Greenville, Mississippi Mayor Heather Hudson to Chair its Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC).  Hudson, immediate past President of the National Conference of Black Mayors, will be responsible for steering policy discussions among 30 local, state and tribal elected and appointed officials from across the country, and will oversee efforts to advise the EPA on a broad range of environmental issues affecting the nation’s communities.

“Hearing directly from state, local and tribal leaders is essential for EPA to make a real difference for the health and environment of our communities,” EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson said. “Mayor McTeer-Hudson has shown superior leadership in her service to Greenville. Her commitment to environmental justice and her distinct insight into the ways environmental issues affect local communities make her the right person to chair this important panel. I look forward to working together.”

Upholding her longstanding goal of protecting the communities in the Delta and advocating on behalf of her constituents, Mayor Hudson sees this opportunity as important to people across the country.  “In Mississippi alone,” she stated, “environmentally related jobs such as environmental engineers, technicians and scientist are expected to increase in need by over 30% before 2012.”

Hudson further noted that “[w]hen we look at other critical issues such as the Gulf Oil spill cleanup, environmental justice, environmental education and green technology; it is imperative to recognize that these issues impact all parts of our country, both large and small. People should be proud to know that there is a voice at the table not only expressing their concerns, but also leading the dialogue.”

Born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi, Mayor Hudson became the Chief Executive of her hometown in 2003 and was re-elected for a second term in 2007.  She is the first African American and first female to serve in this post.


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