Mignon Clyburn Supports FCC “White Spaces” Decision

Mignon Clyburn Supports FCC “White Spaces” Decision


Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn recently expressed her support for an order clarifying the FCC’s rules on the use of “white spaces.” The FCC’s order frees up the vacant airwaves that provide a buffer between television broadcast signals.

In a statement accompanying the order’s release, the FCC expressed its optimism that with the use of this unlicensed portion of the airwaves, new technologies such as super Wi-Fi would be delivered for use by consumers.

Signals transmitted through white spaces have a couple advantages over the typical signals transmitted and received by today’s wireless devices. Because of their slower frequencies, white space signals can travel further distances. This aspect should be most useful to carriers that are trying to serve residents of sparsely populated, insular, or rural areas.

In addition to farther distances, white space signals can travel through obstacles relatively easier. This characteristic makes easier the delivery of signals to consumers residing in urban areas.

“I am excited to see that companies such as Dell, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, and Nokia, have expressed such optimism about developing products and services for the TV white spaces,” Ms. Clyburn said.