Pledge to America “Irresponsible,” Says Obama

Pledge to America “Irresponsible,” Says Obama


In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer, President Obama called the Republican-championed Pledge to America “irresponsible.”

Disappointed with the dangerous direction in which the so-called pledge would take America’s citizens, Obama noted that “what [he’s been] seeing out of the Republican leadership over the last several years has been a set of policies that are just irresponsible, and we saw in their Pledge to America a similar set of irresponsible policies.”

According to Obama, the pledge is tantamount to a return to political silly season:  “They propose $4 trillion worth of tax cuts and $16 billion in spending cuts and then they say we’re going to magically balance the budget…That’s not a serious approach.”

Most detrimental among the proposed policies in the Pledge to America could be the repeal of Obama’s Healthcare plan, which is the first of its kind to truly nationalize American healthcare and prevent anti-consumer practices by insurance companies.

In what some are calling a pre-midterm ploy to distinguish the ideologies of the Obama Administration and the Republican minority in Congress, the greatest bone of contention between the pledge and current administration dealings regards the treatment of tax cuts.