Mayor Dave Bing Urges Residents to Get Involved In Detroit’s Land Issues

Mayor Dave Bing Urges Residents to Get Involved In Detroit’s Land Issues


Change is coming to Detroit in the way they use the city’s underdeveloped or abandoned pieces of land. The best ideas could come from city residents themselves, according to Mayor Dave Bing.

In a recorded message to the media, Bing asked Detroit residents to get involved in reshaping the city and making it more useful to the residents. The overall effort has been coined the ‘Detroit Works Project.’

“I am asking all Detroiters to attend one of a series of public meetings bringing not just your concerns for today, but also your best ideas for the future of our city,” Bing emphasized.

The issue at hand involves Detroit’s 140 square mile land mass that is underutilized and inefficient for residents. The mayor wants to find better ways to get services to residents and address the chronic problem of vacant buildings that have begun to define the city. According to the Detroit Free Press, the city has upward of 60,000 vacant buildings.

Detroit’s population was estimated at just over 910,000 residents as of 2009. Though it is the nation’s 11th largest city, it has experienced a 60% population decline since 1950. The city was once the fourth largest in the United States.

In addition to land use, Bing and city officials are also considering ways to repopulate the city. Even more creative ideas, such as urban farming in parts of the city, have been tossed around.

The five community meetings on the topic are scheduled this month around the city of Detroit, according to WXYZ-TV. Residents are encouraged to bring their ideas and concerns to the table.

Mayor Bing reminded residents and city officials that the process is far from being outlined. In other words, it is going to take everyone’s best ideas and action to make the project the success they envision.


  1. dear mayor my mother lives at 2754 west euclid detroit mi 48206 since 1967 i want her to move out of the city why look at her block !she payes her property taxes for what 20 vacant rat infested propertys next door yes 20 dateline yes her block fires on the east side demo right her block 20 years waiting for the house next door to be torn down

  2. her block was flooded for five years and the only reason it finely got repaired was because the past mayors mother was campaigning house to house and could not walk down the street called her son next day street repaired we know you dont care because if you did these houses would have been torn down the house has had murders raps fires torn down yet no fires on the east side shame to the city torn down right away rats overrun her property she doesnt want to move talking about the next mayor going to do something yeah right all her friends saw the date line report and say she should be ashamed to live on that block?

  3. I say she should not be ashamed the city should be all i would like is for you to tear down the property at 2756 west Euclid so we can do something about the rat problem i will do that if i could get a little help im not asking for much not to tear all these houses down just the one next to her house then maybe maybe i can defend her staying against those relatives who want her to move

  4. dear mr mayor thank you for having this house torn down now when are they going to take it away 4 months more rats kids playing on it and in it no tape to block it off which is worst a vacant house or torn down house with rats running around
    2756 west euclid

    • dear mister mayor thank you they have finally come and cleaned the lot means nothing to anyone but to her is everything to me is everything will be starting a garden soon not letting it get overrun you have so many probs but where theirs hope! good luck