Transportation, Trade: Ready For More Infrastructure

Transportation, Trade: Ready For More Infrastructure


While the Democratic and Republican party reactions to President Obama’s proposed $50 billion infrastructure stimulus package has been mixed, if not cool, the president appears to have support from groups on the front line of the debate for improved roads, rail, and runways.

AAA chief executive officer and president, Bob Darbelnet, stated that “[t[he backlog of transportation needs and the benefits of transportation investment have been clearly demonstrated in recent years.” Mr. Darbelnet went on to say that, “It is encouraging that after a year of surface transportation program extensions, the Administration has begun to articulate its vision of a comprehensive multi-year approach.”

State officials also have chimed in their support for Mr. Obama’s transportation infrastructure initiative. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials recently issued a statement in support of Mr. Obama’s proposal.

“We are highly supportive of President Obama’s proposal to immediately invest $50 billion to rebuild roads, expand high speed rail, and rehabilitate airport runways,” said John Horsley, the Association’s executive director.  Mr. Horsley also added that, “[i]f Congress wants to pass legislation investing in our transportation infrastructure, the states stand ready to put those dollars to work.”

The Association also expressed its confidence that investing in transportation infrastructure is a fast way to create and sustain jobs.