Obama Sees Window of Opportunity for Middle East

Obama Sees Window of Opportunity for Middle East


On the heels of a major speech in Iraq, and the transfer of power from U.S. Military forces back to the Iraqi government, the Obama Administration is looking toward a new “window of opportunity” to broker peace in the Middle East, beginning with Israel and Palestine.

According to CNN Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry, former Senator George Mitchell, Obama’s special envoy to the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas are well aware of the concerns lingering among their populations that tense relations between the nations will ensue in the years to come.  That said, extra efforts are being made to develop a peaceable resolution to the long-standing hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians in order to promote improved relations among Middle East nations.

According to Mitchell, this new window of opportunity presents itself at “[a] moment in time within which there remains the possibility of achieving the two-state solution, which is so essential to comprehensive peace in the region, that — difficult as it may be for both leaders, and we recognize that difficulty for both of them — the alternatives for them and the members of their societies pose far greater difficulties and far greater problems in the future.”

To facilitate the prospect of further peace talks – after such negotiations have been stalled for more than a year and a half – Obama is more actively inserting himself in the process, as this is among his highest priorities for his foreign policy goals.   Though no one expects a peace treaty to be brokered this week, the resumed negotiations are at least a starting point for more forward-moving action in the future.