Obama Working Toward Jobs, Economic Growth

Obama Working Toward Jobs, Economic Growth


Upon his return to the White House from Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama’s first priority is to get the American economy back on track.

In a speech delivered Monday in the Presidential Rose Garden, Obama emphasized that he and his economic team are “focused, every single day, on pushing this economy forward, repairing the damage that’s been done to the middle class over the past decade, and promoting the growth we need to get our people back to work.”

Looking to facilitate recovery in the short term and increase our competitiveness in the long term, Obama and his team are exploring a variety of new opportunities, including “extending tax cuts for the middle class, which expire this year; redoubling our investment in clean energy and R&D; rebuilding more of our infrastructure for the future; [and furthering] tax cuts to encourage businesses to put their capital to work creating jobs here in the United States.”

The first order of business to stimulate much needed economic growth is, in President Obama’s estimation, the  need to make it easier for small businesses to grow and hire.  To these ends, Obama has called upon the GOP to end its stalemate in the Senate regarding the Small Businesses Bill and to push the initiative forward.

“This bill is fully paid for,” said Obama, and “it will not add to the deficit, and there is no reason to block it except for partisan politics.”

Notably, Obama proclaimed that “holding this bill hostage is directly detrimental to our economic growth,” and he urged the GOP to end its partisan jockeying and advance the ball on the small business bill that has been languishing in Senate for months.


  1. President Obama is definetly not trying to change from a policy of economic globalization, to promote American Manufacturing jobs as is evident by:
    The following report for Congress in DEC 2009 that explains that national ballast water legislation would do the same thing as tariffs, plus protect our environment from the carbon footprint and dirty water trail of foreign ships bringing foreign manufactured imports into our country, stealing jobs from Americans. “Although estimates of the costs of ballast treatment may be imprecise and vary from vessel to
    vessel, there is some general agreement on average costs.14 For example, it may cost an estimated $400,000 per vessel for modification of container/bulk vessels to use onshore ballast water treatment facilities at California ports. More generally, the cost of retrofitting vessels to treat
    ballast water has been estimated at between $200,000 and $310,000 per vessel for mechanical
    treatment and around $300,000 for chemical treatment.15 Most of this expense will be borne by
    foreign shipping companies, as the U.S. flag fleet is a small percentage of the global fleet,16 and
    likely passed along to consumers of products imported on these ships.”Now all we have from this administration is a Military plan, giving incentives to foreign ships bring foreign manufactured goods into our country to install technology to protect our environment. This is while Americans are out of work, forcing the states, without an infrastructure for enforcement into expensive legislative competition with each other while dealing with an international organization of primarily foreign economic interest. (IMO) Sadly after the historic vote by the House in 2008,(passed 395-7), was killed by one Senator Boxer over her belief in state rights, overriding all Americans rights to control the amount of pathogens and virus dumped in US waters, this administration has again promoted the grandiose plan of economic globalization over economic Americanization as a way to create jobs, by not instructing the Senate to work out her issues over the House historic request for American law. The top three members of this administration were Senators at the time. In the 1990’s as they began creating new trade treaties promoting economic globalization as the answer for Americas future, environmentalist were not happy with President Clinton and the delegation under the clean water act and the EPA for ballast water. They new then this only circumvented the problem on behalf foreign shipping. Now two decades later we have become a nation were are largest employers employ mainly store clerks selling foreign made products. Senator Boxer’s only alternative after killing national ballast water legislation in 2008 was again to try and place, ballast water control under the Clean Water Act and the EPA . Obviously there can be no enforcement this way, as even during the Gulf disaster, despite repeated warnings to this administration about ballast systems moving substances released from ocean development, they allowed ships to move tar balls into Lake Pontchartrain. This warning was even posted on our Presidents Ocean Initiatives web site. This administration has promoted the idea that limiting US carbon emission, negotiating carbon emission and currency manipulation with a communist country, while facilitating destruction of our waters an atmosphere by foreign ships as a way to create spill over jobs for America from foreign countries. How can anybody who believes in the principles of an American labor union continue to support these people?

  2. Going green is not what this administration is doing. Stimulus, if it affects the dollar amount of the treasury notes we have to issue, and the notes are bought by those who supply our largest employers their manufactured products, it will continue to enslave our country to the economic policy of foreign interest. If the military continues a plan offering incentives to foreign shipping bringing foreign goods into our country , asking them not to pollute our environment, while trying to limit US carbon emissions in manufacturing, while the administration negotiates currency manipulation, and hidden carbon emissions with a communist country, why would American manufacturing invest heavily in our country? Why is our president, trying to ease the economic problems of foreign ships, rather than trying to level the playing field for American manufacturing? By NOT helping foreign ships and protecting our environment and our economic interest, change with Ballast Water and how it is handled, mainly the timeline will create "CHANGE" that will affect America's stature in the world for many decades to come. It would be quite understandable for an American plan to subsidize what little shipping industry we have and perhaps even helping promote its growth. A slow plan helping foreign shipping will allow, for foreign ships to continue polluting longer, till foreign shipping industry decides to "take a step". The type of stimulus this administrations, military plan for change is offering, will only help foreign shipping and those who import foreign manufactured products, but may offer temporary economic recovery as foreign manufacturing powers carry the US on their coat tails , until the next economic crisis. Fast decisive legislation for ballast water as the law of the land, not providing economic incentives for foreign ships, from a foreign tax base, bringing foreign goods into our country, would send a message to American manufacturing and perhaps affect their investing policy, as it would level the playing field for industry to grow, providing long term jobs and economic security to our country and may even create stronger countries on our borders where poverty and a bad quality of life are breeding growing instability and violence. Soon, September this new military study created for "change" coinciding with the Coast Guard 20 year plan, and the EPA, — over two years after Senator Boxer killed the legislation created by the largest elected legislative voice of the American people,– will meet to discuss their "new" findings and they might have "new" recommendations. Will they continue on a slow course for change to protect foreign economic shipping interest, or will they speed up mandatory requirements to retrofit with technology, allowing faster protection of our waters and economic growth for our country?

  3. Economy, environment, and ballast water, why waste stimulous money?

    NY state wasted much money in creating ballast water laws, if the state is already granting passes to foreign ships because of lack technology to meet their requirements, and if thay are now willing to wait a idefinete period for technology developement, all we have is, a lot of money wasted so politicians could look as though they tried to do something. Since the President has ask our governor to step aside in mid term election, you can only wonder if the next governor of NY will accept whatever weak coast guard plan comes up, and do away with NY ballast water requirements in the presidential election year of 2012. This recovery will be temporary as there is a recurrent theme of economic globalization with this administration and considering the last two decades we have had two political dynasty’s that have both disregarded our countries core values, and our independence, by mixing our “free market beliefs” with a communist country, who controls the size of their middle class work force to manipulate the stature of their currency in the world, leaving our country dependent upon them for our future. It is amazing there is not a insurrection in our country as the constitution, suggest is legal, in support our right to freedom. This sell out of America can not be more obvious than reluctance by the Senate or the Presidents to address ballast water, nationally as this would cause the cost of foreign imports to rise according to a DEC 2009 report for congress detailing the cost of such legislation would be mainly incurred by foreign ships. Remember China is one of the biggest ship builders in the world, yet we can not regulate the carbon footprint hidden in their manufacturing, nor address the dirty water trail or carbon footprint used to deliver their manufactured goods in our waters even as Americans are out of work as this would hurt economic globalization as the plan for recovery. Ballast Water is a national security issue in every sense of the term. Why after historic legislation in 2008 passed in the house 395-7, for ballast water legislation, killed by one Senator Boxer 2 years later no call has come from any Senators to address this problem. Despite a report for congress in 2009 suggesting that because most of the ships affected would be flying under a foreign flag bringing foreign manufactured goods into our country, and the cost of imports would rise, they are still not capable of acting. It should be noted that, the Vice President eluded, it didn’t matter which of the three members of this administration took which position, as they decided who got what job in this administration, while one Senator alone from their party killed this legislation. Is it just coincidense that they were all Senators during this time. We need national comprehensive ballast water legislation as the law of the land, not regulated by a non transparent two decade military plan subject to “change” by the next commander and chief, or using the International Maritime organization provission in an International Law of the Sea Treaty. The time is long past to bring back Americas independence, we need to correct their control over our country now and let the historians figureout who was the least guilty.

  4. The best time to have enacted ballast water legislation was in 2008 when h.r.2830 passed the House 395-7 at the beginning of the global economic crisis when ship traffic, that is needed in economic globalization was curtailed. Unfortunately this administration chose to delay meaningful legislation with another study for a still purposed military plan of 20 plus years.

  5. Knowing a report prepared for Congress in 2009 stated that legislation calling for mandatory technology installation would increase the cost of foreign manufactured products, this administration made a conscious choice to not address the issue passing up the opportunity to again place America on a level playing field in manufacturing cost. Although some forms of economic globalization are inevitable and beneficial, globalization for economic reasons, at the expense of human health and the environment of future generations is nothing more than economic greed.
    In the millennium report prepared for the army in 2005-2006 detailing the military role with the environment it is made clear that international treaties are often thwarted by foreign countries and economic interest. Environmental issues are also cited as the cause of military conflicts. Sadly they also detail the governments policy will be to continue to follow the international communities lead, because of interdependency with foreign economies.
    This Administration Ocean initiatives policy states that all international treaties that have been ratified and those presently being adhered to will be honored. This means in its present form the ballast water provision in the International Law of the Sea treaty will apply for the waters of the United States at the Federal level. The millennium report also states that many problems exist with coastal countries and the provisions in international treaties.
    Fortunate for the environment, is pressure being applied by the individual states of our country enacting their own laws as a results of this administrations failure and the pressure of environmentalist, technology is now available to address ballast water.
    Unfortunately the continued failure of this administration to act with meaningful ballast water regulation has the shipping industry procrastinating on the economic investment to retrofit with technology quickly. As more shipping companies began to retrofit slowly the effect that logistics and cost would have to again create a cost competitive America will be forever lost, as human health and our environment continue suffering while waiting for an international solution or a purposed 20 year Coast Guard plan.
    Our Great Lakes are also in danger from terrorist attacks using ballast systems according to Homeland Security as stated on their own web site.
    Ships used exclusively on the Great Lakes should also be required for technology as it is now know from government studies that influenza, h1n1, bird flue, and mutations occur in FRESH water lakes and glacier and moved by birds. Ballast water should not facilitate this movement.

  6. Even though NY ballast water laws do not go into effect until 2012 (probably with a pass to delay installation if they can show they were not able) and our presidents national military delay plan not suppose to address the issue until sometime in the middle of 2011, shipping interest are already starting to put pressure on NY’s future governor to not implement the only meaningful regulations ever created that protect all the Great Lakes States equally. These regulations would prevent further destruction while also adequately protecting against human bacteria and virus. Those who hailed NY’S laws and believed, the huge expense endured by NY state as a results of this administrations failure to address ballast water with adequate regulation during these times of economic crisis may find once again just wasted tax dollars. We can only hope and pray Governor is not weak and caves in to the enormous political pressure that the lobby from the shipping industry is going to apply, as it has just started. The shipping industry has been out to kill state regulation from the beginning as was evident during their formulations when industry web articles referred to them as a “pipe dream”. They know as the military millennium report states, international regulations will be slow coming and easily disregarded.
    Unfortunately those who care about our countries environment, human health and the economic domination that foreign shipping has over our country because of globalization, will not be able to lobby with the economic clout that the foreign shipping industry has, and with our president and secretary of state being globalist, the pressure on governor Coumo will be enormous. NY laws are not just about NY or the Great Lakes, but they effect the economy of our whole country and are probably the last meaningful impediment to our presidents military plan coinciding with the global plan for ballast water. Without NY ‘S geographic position providing equal regulation, individual state laws of other Great Lakes States will not provide equal economic status between ports when dealing with foreign economic interest.

    When I started mailing letters to politicians several years ago the best advice I received was from a lady at the post office, who did not know the issue I was trying to address, but realized I was trying to work for “change”, she said “remember a politician will never do anything unless it benefits themselves” It will be interesting to see if Governor Coumo cares more about his career or real long term “change” for America. Regardless of what happens, being the President ask Governor Patterson to step aside environmentalist should remember Governor Paterson despite the cost, monetarily and politically, did the right thing for all Americans on the issue of ballast water.

    With 911 and The Department of Homeland Security acknowledging by their web site, their need to be involved with ballast water, Americans should have realized we need to “change” the way we do business in the world.

  7. Despite NY governor spending large amounts of money to create ballast water laws, as the states Attorney General, I am willing to bet he will cave in favor of WHATEVER plan the Coast Guard comes up with.
    Interesting Senator Boxer of California kills ballast water legislation passed in the house 395-7, back in 2008 that would have protected the whole country equally over her wish for California to be able to enact stronger laws. Now articles are saying California is backing down on its current ballast water laws for being to strict. NY laws will be next to go, making President Obamas week military plan look attractive. Senator Boxers position in 2008 killing ballast water legislation, to allegedly preserve her states rights to stronger laws, (despite president Obama’s reported rhetoric voicing support for legislation) was as the sponsor of the bill, former Rep Oberstar suggested “BS” and now it is being proven by California’s latest action.
    Now after all the wasted money this administration created leaving the states to create useless laws, the Presidents delayed Coast Guard plan will provide a weakened standard with a longer time line and President Obama and the Coast Guard WILL BE PRAISED for creating protection, when THE REALITY will be, that the killing of the legislation, the house voted for in 2008 and the delayed weakened plan will favor the foreign shipping industry more than the American environment and human health. Nor will a weak military plan, be of any help to create quick protection, which would level the playing field for American manufacturing cost by ending the free pass given to foreign ships delivering foreign manufactured goods.
    It really is not funny how our politicians waste our money to posture their political stature. Odd Paterson, governor of NY, ask by President Obama to step aside created strong ballast water laws- GONE!, Strickland strong advocate for ballast protection- GONE!, Oberstar creator of national ballast legislation h.r.2830- GONE! Granholm strong advocate for national ballast water regulation mentioned for Obama positions,- GONE- PASSED OVER! Governor Schwarzenegger strong environmental advocate for ballast water, GONE!- coinciding with a newly created weakening of California’s ballast water laws. Senator Boxer the killer of national ballast water laws RETAINED!, with large show of support from President Obama during elections.
    It should be obvious to those who have tried to achieve strong protection for all American waters from foreign shipping pollution, that once a new weak purposal from the Coast Guard is official, it will kill the topic, and foreign shipping will have prevailed allowing continued destruction, unabated by the prospect of future stronger protection.

  8. Ballast water from Asia and the Suez canal might also be problematic to Egypt.
    Almost April 2011 we are still without comprehensive ballast water policy, law,or regulation to address all the dangers of ballast water discharges.
    One can only wonder if this administration is AS concerned about nuclear contaminated water from the Pacific in ballast water, as they were to watch ballast systems for tar balls going to Lake Pontchartrain. They were warned about both. The administration is obviously following an international approach relying on the IMO for direction and enforcement. This is obvious by the failure of this administration to coordinate Federal agencies with a Coast Guard plan, which sadly only follows the IMO. The Federal government under this administration continues the delay with more and more study until 2013.

  9. Regardless of IMO regulations, international law or treaties, each IMO foreign sea captain works for a different economic interest and performs under independent governance while controlling the ships functions for creating profit. Currently we are protected by only foreign sea captains integrity to perform costly, often dangerous ocean flush's. Standards that require mandatory technological hardware to clean ballast water from all substances are needed. We needed a President who will direct Congress to address the issue with legislation authorizing the Coast Guard to protect our waters from ballast water, or at least direct the Coast Guard to establish a fast strong comprehensive plan to protect America's waters now. (not after the next presidential election cycle)

  10. Dose anybody think it is odd that we can not seem to create US environmental protection for ballast water when we have a Secretary of state that used to work for walmart, now negotiating trade with China one of the largest ship builders in the world?
    Dose it seem strange that when Mrs. Clinton worked with the NY DEC on the creation of baitfish regulations allowing transportation of fish from Arkansas (the largest supplier of bait fish in the country) into NY waters that the transport water with chemicals and water additions added outside of NY states jurisdiction was not an issue, but water sources in NY used to raise bait fish were?