Rep. Hank Johnson Secures $700,000 in Needed Education Funding for His District

Rep. Hank Johnson Secures $700,000 in Needed Education Funding for His District


Two-term Congressman Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) has assured that students in his district will get off to a good start for this school year.

The Rockdale County Public Schools, in suburban Atlanta, will receive a total of $700,000 courtesy of budget appropriations that Johnson pushed for in Congress. The funds will go to two programs, the Early Learning Initiative and Advancement via Individual Learning (AVID). Both programs will be supported through August 2011.

“As we work to turn this economy around and help boost job growth, it’s also important that we continue to provide our children and schools with the tools they need to be the innovators, scientists and business leaders of tomorrow,” Johnson said along with the announcement of the funding.

The Early Learning Initiative is aimed at low to middle-income families and prepares children for school. It is built on the principle that all students should have an equal chance when they enter the classroom, so it focuses on children from birth to age four. The program will receive $400,000 of the appropriated funds.

The remaining $300,000 will be placed in the AVID program, designed to ensure challenging instruction and curriculum for low-income and rural students. The goal of AVID is to properly prepare the students for high school and beyond.

The funding comes only a few weeks after classes began on July 29 for students in the school system. It was part of the Labor, Health, and Education appropriations bill in Congress.

Johnson’s 4th Congressional district covers a large swath of the eastern Atlanta suburbs, an area of the city with a significant African-American population.


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