Author Alice Walker Advocates on Behalf of Black Farmers

Author Alice Walker Advocates on Behalf of Black Farmers [Video]


Pulitzer Prize winning author Alice Walker was in Birmingham this morning, lending support to an advocacy group for black farmers. Miss Walker is the guest of theĀ Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund and will be honored this evening by the organization.

The Georgia native and avid gardener told the group,

“Both of my parents were farmers and farming in my family goes back in this country for 240 years and in Africa before then many, many, many centuries of farming. I understand the importance of land and for people to be able to hold on to their land in order to have roots and a sense of self, so this effort is crucial to our health as a people in this country.”

The Birmingham News quoted her as saying,

“If you had a choice between clean air and clean water and having to live in some of the ghettos that we have in this county, I think you would choose to have a sky over you and a tree to sit under and work that makes you feel that you have a deeper worth.”

Miss Walker published The Color Purple in 1982, which earned her the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the American Book Award.

Alice Walkers speaks out on value of black farmers and family farms

Photo: The Birmingham News/Joe Songer


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