Call Her ‘Madam Justice’: Kagan Confirmed As 112th Supreme Court Justice

Call Her ‘Madam Justice’: Kagan Confirmed As 112th Supreme Court Justice


Elena Kagan was confirmed by the U.S. Senate Thursday, making her the 112th Supreme Court Justice and the fourth woman appointed to the nation’s highest court.

Senators voted 63 to 37 confirm Kagan, 50, who was formerly Solicitor General and dean of Harvard Law School.

The Associated Press reported, “Democrats sang Kagan’s praises, calling her a glass ceiling-shattering nominee who would bring a fresh perspective, strong legal mind, and flair for building consensus to the Supreme Court. She would be the third woman currently on the court.”

Dissenting senators, mostly GOP, lawmakers expressed what they called “troubling” concerns about Kagan, including her lack of judicial experience, her stance on 2nd amendment right to bear arms to her “judicial activism” to the ban on military recruiters from Harvard Law School while Kagan was dean of the law school.

“I believe her actions as dean indicate strong evidence that as a justice…she would tend to advance her political preferences rather than take the traditional approach of a judge following the law,” said Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas.

Five Republicans voted to confirm Kagan; one Democrat voted against her.

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  1. I read above that there were FIVE Republicans who voted for Kagan to be on the Supreme Court. I would like to know WHY they would vote for a woman who worked with OBAMA while he was writing out his LAW how to treat, especially the older people in the USA. She is for everything that the president wants her to be. IMO she will NEVER make her decisions according to OUR CONSTITUTION. What ever the subject goes before her, her answer will ALWAYS BE WHATEVER THE PRESIDENT WANTS. She should most certainly Recuse herself on the RADICAL HEALTH PLAN OF THE president knowing she was part of that law. She advised him on the LAW, pushed him to pass it, so why would anyone believe she would vote against her PARTNER IN THIS LAW?