Reports: Senate Expected to Confirm Elena Kagan Thursday

Reports: Senate Expected to Confirm Elena Kagan Thursday


The U.S. Senate is expected to confirm Solicitor General Elena Kagan as Supreme Court Jutice by Thursday after debate on the Senate floor began this week.

Kagan, 50, finished her weeklong confirmation hearings in early July and was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee later last month. She was nominated by President Barack Obama to replace retired Justice John Paul Stevens.

Democrats control the Senate 59-41 and five Republicans have said they will support her, Bloomberg reports.

She is the former dean of Harvard’s law school and, in her current post,  the top appellate lawyer and representative at the Supreme Court. She has no previous experience sitting on the bench though she is not the first non-judge nominated to the Supreme Court. She was educated at Princeton, Oxford and Harvard Law. She spent time clerking for Justice Thurgood Marshall before entering into private practice briefly for two years.

Republicans are generally against Kagan, citing her lack of judicial experience, questioning her ties to Thurgood Marshall and criticizing her for banning military recruiters on campus to protest “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Democrats “praised her nominee as a highly qualified legal scholar who would add a sorely needed note of fairness and common sense to a court they described as dominated by a conservative majority run amok,” the Associated Press reported.