The Obamas to Vacation Briefly on Gulf Coast

The Obamas to Vacation Briefly on Gulf Coast


President Obama’s call for Americans to support the Gulf Coast with their tourism dollars has not gone unheeded at the White House residence.

Officials announced that the First Family will spend the weekend of August 14 in Florida.  The following week, they will head to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts for a 10-day vacation getaway. The Obamas are set to return to the nation’s capital on August 29.

Both the President and First Lady toured the devastation of the Gulf Coast up close in separate trips over the past two months. The president has focused not only on cleaning up the oil, but he reminded Americans of the economic needs of the hard-hit region. He encouraged tourists to add the Gulf states to their summer getaway list.

August is a typical month for vacations for the president and lawmakers. The Obamas trip to Martha’s Vineyard was planned months ago. The Florida excursion was scheduled recently.

Earlier this month, the First Family took another weekend getaway to Bar Harbor, Maine. They, however, caught flak from the media since they didn’t immediately choose the Gulf Coast after urging Americans to do so.