Obama Attends Fundraisers, ‘The View’ Taping, Misses Boy Scout 100th Anniversary

Obama Attends Fundraisers, ‘The View’ Taping, Misses Boy Scout 100th Anniversary


President Barack Obama‘s historic appearance on ABC’s “The View” didn’t only have people buzzing because the president talked about race, pop culture and Shirley Sherrod.

But now the president is under criticism for missing the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree, which marked the organization’s 100th anniversary.

A BSA spokesman told Fox News that the organization found out two months ago that the president would not be able to attend.

“It just depends on his schedule,” Deron Smith said, adding that “there’s always a spot” available for the president during the Jamboree. Obama also serves as honorary president of the organization.

The White House also told Fox in an e-mail that fundraisers prevented Obama’s attendance, not “The View” taping.

“We were always going to be out of town that day,” Communications Ditector Dan Pfeiffer said. “It was never cancelled.”

The jamboree is hosted every four years and the last three presidents made it to one in person.

The Boy Scouts released a statement that noted Obama has hosted groups twice at the White House before, Fox reported.

“We thank the president for his effort to recognize scouting and look forward to working with his administration as we work toward accomplishing our mission of preparing young people to become exceptional adults,” the group said.


  1. I can say one thing, all the Scouts in VA I've talked to are glad he didn't attend. Not sure what that says for how the youth view our President. When I was a kid I would have been honored to be visited by our president.

  2. I don't know what kids you are talking to Scoutmaster. Both my sons are from Virginia and are attending the Jamboree. They would have been honored to have President Obama speak in person, as I believe any child would be. I have spoken to both of them and they are very disappointed that he couldn't come in person as President Bush did at the last Jamboree. I tell my children that you can tell what someone values by how they spend their time. I am disappointed that our President chooses to spend his time answering inane questions on the View rather than delivering a ten minute speech to inspire 50,000 children who were gathered a fifteen minute helicopter ride from D.C. I expected better from our President.

  3. I personally don't care who he shuns because if you check out the website whitehouse.gov, you'll see that he's busy doing the people's business. I much admire his speaking before the Urban League which has admonished his Education plan. Besides people who watch the view vote and are counted in polls.

  4. Real the “Boy scouts Jamboree”, real? Are you saying he disrespect our boys in uniform?, please. Or is he more focused on speaking to adults (The View) about what he is doing to repair our nation (those boys can’t vote, you know). And so you know (or take a look yourself) Twelve other presidents have skipped the Jamboree, including Ronald Reagan (he missed all of them), Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and yes even Dwight D. Eisenhower, among others, so, honestly, who cares, I don’t.