Detroit’s Mayor Bing Continues Administration Restructure

Detroit’s Mayor Bing Continues Administration Restructure


Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is still restructuring his administration team, with Police Chief Warren Evans as the most recent official asked to resign.

A multitude of problems during the chief’s yearlong tenure, including the fatal police shooting of 7-year-old Aiyana Jones, a romantic relationship with a female lieutenant and the ex-chief’s proposed demo for a reality show, reportedly led to the firing.

The mayor told reporters that Evans made some decisions that compromised the city and appointed assistant chief Ralph Godbee as interim chief.

Bing’s executive team has also lost Chief Administrative Officer Charlie Beckham; Sue Carnell, group executive in charge of operations and Darchelle Strickland-Love of special projects, Crain’s Detroit Business reported.

Bing said in a June interview with Politic365 that it is important to have a good team in place.

“I’m not the kind of guy that likes to micromanage,” he said. “I want to get the right people in the right positions and give the authority, the support system. People are not afraid to make a decision.”

The city has also been plagued with budget issues that have prompted the closing of city parks and talk of layoffs.

Consultants have said they expect to see Bing’s administration changes to continue.

“Bing is walking a fine line between running with the resources he’s got and wanting to change the city’s management to a business-style management,” Kenneth Dalto of Kenneth J. Dalto and Associates told Crain.

“He would like to run the city more like a business, but it’s not a business,” Dalto continued. “It’s almost like a fine line where it’s got to be a hybrid. It’s still a city, but he has to support as many business and management principles as he can.”