Charles Rangel to Face Ethics Violations Brought by House, Says He Will...

Charles Rangel to Face Ethics Violations Brought by House, Says He Will Respond to Allegation


A House investigative subcommittee committee brought ethics violation charges against Rep. Charles Rangel Thursday, after he has been under investigation for two years for several allegations.

Rangel told reporters that he is unfazed by the allegations.

“I feel extraordinary. I don’t feel any fear at all politically or personally what they came up with,” he said .”So this is it. And is what I’ve been waiting for. We’ll see what happens.”

Rangel was chairman of the powerful tax-writing Ways and Means committee until he resigned last March.

The charges have not been specified by the four-member panel, which will reportedly send the case to a House trial, where a separate panel of Republicans and Democrats will will decide whether the violations can be proved.

Rangel is running for re-election this fall. Even after his resignation from the committee, support at home for the 80-year-old congressman was steady.

Last month, Rangel received the Legacy of Excellence Award at the 70th Annual Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA). Organizers called Rangel “one of the pioneering, most effective and productive African-American legislative leaders in recent decades.”

The congressman has a 40-year career in legislation and is a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus. A civil rights activist in who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rangel is also a decorated veteran who has been awarded the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his service in the Korean War.