Cory Ruth: ‘Looking Forward to Some Real Positive Things’ in Georgia Election

Cory Ruth: ‘Looking Forward to Some Real Positive Things’ in Georgia Election


Cory Ruth was upbeat when he recently chatted with Politic365 in an interview just days before Georgia’s primary election today, July 20.

A black Republican, Ruth will face three other conservatives in the quest to unseat Democratic U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, but said his camp has been encouraged by the response to the campaign. Johnson represents Georgia’s 4th Congressional district.

His opponents include Victor Armendariz, Lisbeth Carter and Larry Gause.

“We’ve outpaced our opponents in endorsements,” Ruth said. “We’re sensing a lot of support for us and just looking toward some real positive things for Tuesday night.”

A 32-year-old businessman and ordained minister, Ruth has helped establish seven churches. The New Jersey native also managed an emergency men’s shelter, a weekly local food drive and is the founder of HOPE (Helping Our People Emerge), a charitable partnership between churches small businesses. He is also a political analyst for a Philadelphia-based think tank and a regular columnist for the Atlanta Christian Family Magazine.

If elected, Ruth wants to take a tough stance on government spending, including requiring the feds to provide and itemize comprehensive receipts on how each taxpayer dollar was spent that year, he said.

“That’s something I would want to do in order to start a conversation about how to make the government more accountable to the American people,” he said. “And also making the American people more aware of what’s going on in Washington.”

He wants to fix the economy and is in favor of finding both long and short-term solutions to the issue. His stance on the issues also include slashing income and payroll taxes on small businesses to help create jobs and decreasing tax burdens on families.