Black Tea Party Candidate Says Illinois Democrats are Racist

Black Tea Party Candidate Says Illinois Democrats are Racist


On the heels of an NAACP resolution denouncing alleged racism with the Tea Party, a black Tea Party candidate has turned the tables, claiming that Illinois Democrats are being racist against her.

Cedra Crenshaw, a Republican supporter of the Tea Party, is running for Illinois state Senate for the 43rd District. But her candidacy was challenged on a technicality — Crenshaw’s outdated nominating petition forms stated signatures could be collected no earlier than 90 days before the filing deadline, but a new law mandates signatures can be collected no earlier than 75 days before the deadline.

The Will County Electoral Board voted 2-to-1 down party lines to remove her from the ballot, a move that Crenshaw said was racist on the part of the Democrats.

“In essence, they are trying to disenfranchise the voters of the 43rd district,” Crenshaw said in a radio podcast. “This goes far beyond me. The Will County Board of Elections waited over six weeks to render this decision on a technicality.”

Crenshaw is running in an attempt to unseat Democratic  state Sen. A.J. Wilhemi. She is appealing the board’s decision and a judge will hear arguments Tuesday.

Speculation about whether racism is actually the root of the issue continues to fly back and forth. Crenshaw’s supporters say Democrats don’t want to see the black stay-at-home mom succeed; others who disagree with the racism claim say it’s simply because Crenshaw is a Republican, not because she is black.

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A Chicago native, Bridgette has been a journalist since she first wrote for her seventh grade newsletter. Today, that passion is just as strong. She has written for several newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Defender, the Marshall News-Messenger (Texas) and the Springfield News-Sun (Ohio).


  1. is the “R” word getting thrown around a bit too much lately? Black Republican candidates need to take a different approach. thought they weren’t “victims?” lot of old wine in new bottle stuff. Just saying …

  2. I missed the quote where she calls the Dems racists. If she said that, please print it.

    Her radio ad simply asked the question, “Are the Democrats afraid that she can reach out to a constituency they have taken for granted?” Well, are they?

    Why did the Dem board wait over 6 weeks to make a decision on a technicality?

    Why did the Dem board rule differently than every other election board in the state?

    Why did the Dem board deny her right to submit evidence?

    If you have answers to those questions, I would like to her them.

  3. I think race is an issue here only from the standpoint that the Democrats cannot use their typical charge of racism with a candidate who is black. The race card is usually the last dirty trick used to smear a republican opponent from their bag of tricks. I think this is what she has alluded to, not the typical direct racism. The Democrat party is by no means the “friend” to minorities as they would have voters believe, nor is the republican party the enemy of minorities. Too often Democrats use race to divide people. That in itself unethical. I am sick of it frankly. As long as minorities allow them use race as a political tool, it will continue. Cedra is a real threat to them because they have a weak candidate in Wilhelmi given his record, and she is strongly supported by the local tea parties and conservatives in general. This is an office that they originally believed was an easy continued win(as long as he was unchallenged), but is now severely threatened by the current sentiment of the people’s anger with Democrats and Illinois corruption, and now having a strong candidate to vote for on the conservative republican side. In my opinion, getting her of the ballot was nearly the only chance to assure their victory. Once she is reinstated on the ballot, which I do believe she will be, they will have to face the people of the 43rd district, and their victory is then far from certain.

  4. Hey all, thanks for your comments. Mark, thanks for your question. I paraphrased Ms. Crenshaw but her direct quotes can be found on a post she wrote:

    A quote:

    “Chicago Machine Democrats claim to be the party of diversity and inclusion, yet if you are a Black, conservative Republican mother, with a professional background in accounting, supported by the tea party movement, Chicago Machine Democrats do not encourage this type of diversity. Instead they unjustly knock you off the ballot and then talk about the lack of diversity in the Republican party and the tea party movement… the NAACP needs to leave the racism where it belongs, with the Chicago Machine Democrats.”

    Charles, thank you for your “straight, no chaser” contribution lol and Brad, I appreciate your analysis…we will definitely keep an eye on the issue.

    — Bridgette

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