The District Offers Venue for Artists on a Budget

The District Offers Venue for Artists on a Budget


An initiative of the Washington D.C. Office of Planning is designed to showcase the wares of independent artists who may be watching their marketing dollars.

The Temporarium, located in the former R.L. Christian Library at 13th and H streets NE, is an outgrowth of the D.C. Office of Planning’s “temporary urbanism” initiative, the Washington Post reported.

“We want to activate vacant spaces and create lively neighborhood corridors throughout the city that would support creative entrepreneurs and highlight retail potential in emerging areas such as H Street,” Tanya Washington, chief of staff at the Office of Planning, told the newspaper.

The outreach program will have a two-pronged benefit: it will temporarily is empty space around the city and helps artists with their businesses.

Each of the 12 designers and artists who will occupy space at the store will contribute about 10 percent of their earnings, the Post said, which be added a $20,000 grant “to operate and spruce up the city.” The store will be open from July 23 to Aug. 15.

Dana Ayanna Greaves, the talent behind Artistic AYA, will be taking advantage of the opportunity, and is thrilled to sell her products at the Temporarium.

“Trunk shows only last for a few hours, and that doesn’t always give customers enough time,” Greaves said. “So the store is great because people will have more time to view the collection and decide to buy.”

Greaves was invited to participate by Philippa P.B. Hughes, founder of the Pink Line Project. Hughes has been hailed as a local cultural maven who has organized visual and performance events throughout the city.

Hughes said the Temporarium is a fresh approach for D.C. and showing work and the low cost of participation is a lure for artists who may not be able to afford their own stores.

Greaves seemed to agree.

“I would love to open a store, but it’s not feasible at this time,” Greaves said. “So this is a great way for me to explore it further.”