Pivotal Election Day for African American GOP Congressional Candidates

Pivotal Election Day for African American GOP Congressional Candidates

(Grace Beahm/The Post And Courier, via AP Photo)

Long known as a double minority, black Republicans, are having an interesting year with more than 30 running in congressional races nationwide. Of the twenty or so still standing, a few actually have a chance of breaking barriers ┬áto win their offices, such as South Carolina State Representative Tim Scott who is facing Paul Thurmond (Strom’s son) in a run-off for the 1st District congressional seat.

With national backing from conservative groups like Club for Growth and the support of his former GOP challengers, as well as established Republican politicians, Scott is expected to beat Thurmond in today’s run-off and win the November general. If Scott wins, he’ll be the first African American Republican in Congress since the retirement of J. C. Watt in 2003.

Analysts believe a big part of Scott’s success is due to a campaign that distinguishes him as unapologetically conservative and as a patriot; two factors important to the conservative, patriotic 1st District that hasn’t had a Democrat to Congress since 1978. He’s stayed away from racial references and stuck to a script containing the issues, including the controversial issues such as border patrol protection.

Other black GOP contending for House seats this year are:

Allen West, Florida (Opponent: Rep. Ron Klein, Democrat)

Star Parker, California (Opponent: Rep. Laura Richardson, Democrat)

Bill Hardiman, Michigan


  1. How can we get more support from the conservative talk shows for conservative african americans. I can not figure out why this is such a minority. How can I help?