Deadline for Black Farmer Lawsuit Today: Settlement Update

Deadline for Black Farmer Lawsuit Today: Settlement Update


Last week, the Obama administration offered to settle a lawsuit brought by Latino and women farmers who claimed they were discriminated against by the USDA, according to reports.

The news that a $1.3 billion settlement could be on the way for the farmers came as Congress began debating a bill for a similar payout to black and Native American farmers, addressing separate lawsuits.

Latino and women farmers filed their suit against the USDA almost 10 years ago, the AP reports.

Stephen Hill, an attorney who represents some 12,000 Latino farmers, told the AP that it’s “disappointing that they have not seen fit to offer what we think is a just proposal. The administration still has a ways to go in order to treat Hispanic farmers and ranchers fairly, and on par with other victims of discrimination.”

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has emphasized resolving a “sordid” chapter in the agency’s history, AP reported.

“We have made significant progress on addressing USDA’s civil rights record and look forward to providing substantial relief to Hispanic and women farmers in an expedited manner,” Vilsack said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives reportedly approved a jobs and tax bill that included $1.4 billion for the Native American settlement known as the Cobell suit and the $1.25 billion settlement for black farmers known as Pigford II.

The bill now has to go to the Senate, which has taken a recess for Memorial Day until June 7. The deadline for the Cobell lawsuit has been extended until June 15, the AP reported.

The deadline for the black farmers’ lawsuit is May 31.


  1. America..,it is shameful for black Americans to be discriminated against, approved for a settlement then generation after generation die out and the settlement has not materialized. I am among the fourth generation of black farmers in my family from Senatobia, MS. No other Americans have worked any harder or been discriminated against any more than Black American Farmers.

    When will the Black American Farmers receive their long over due settlement? Why is it so hard for USDA to finalize this settlement with Black American Farmers?

  2. I would like to know if I can still get in on the Law suit. The reason I’m late is because I’ve just really gotten wind of this and I’m mostly home bound with no transportation, I’m also an amputee of the right leg above the knee with 3/4 of nerve damage of my left leg. The reason that I believe I have something coming to me is because my Grandfather, Cage Anderson, was a hard working farmer back in the day and I remember him talking about the loan that he couldn’t get from the Bank in Franklin County, MS. The only proof that I have is that he own property back in the 20’s 30’s & 40’s and me and my cousins still have some of it today. It’s not much because as you know over the years some got sold and some got taken for taxes but my Grandfather was a God fearing man and taught us a lot about life and he would be happy to know that his grandchildren got something from his hard work.

  3. This is great,but what about the black farmers of 1970 in the delta of mississippi during intergration of schools.People that surported the marched that came through the delta in mis-sissippi did not get loans or financing of know kind they were

    told be glad you have a place to live, the next week my Dad

    sold the farm.

    • my name james brand from the mississippi delta, i reply at strong law firm whick was part of the list of lawyer who was taken they held my agreement until i could nt sign with anothe firm because i was pas the deadline i could not give them a tracking number, so i denied from jointing the suit i think this me please

  4. This injustice of America agianst Black farmers is a crime that has gone on, and been put up with for too long! It is not just on the farm land that they are being pushed off their land, just as we are pushed out of the cities. My,ancestors, family and I have served this country and have bore arms to defend it against foreign invaders, only to come home and have the same weapons pulled on us. It’s time we turn our attention towards so called home. Enough is enough, if you want us here, then love us as we have loved you. But if you don’t, than don’t try to control and hurt us like sheep because we are not! Marcus Garvey felt we could make our Mother land, that is my sentiment as well. If the flag and the Pledge of alleges mean anything, and holds true let it’s meaning be the same for every American. If not, then burn them and let the ashes fall where they may. And let’s start over” We rather die with the truth then live with a lie…

    Please send me what ever literature you have on the blight of the American black farms. I want to become a partner with you. we just want to help. Is there a contact information where I can reach someone

  5. There are many of us who did not meet the deadline for filing a claim for this settlement, why is there not enough monies for everyone to have the same rights. It is only far that everyone be treated equally.

  6. please send me the information neded to sign up for the law suit. My mailing information is
    Mayme Heflin
    1992 Westwood Avenue, Sw.
    Atlanta, Georgia 30310 and can be reached at 404/513-6358

  7. please send me the information needed to sign up for the lawsuit. My husband is disabled and being his wife and power attorney i would like to be able to get him whats intitled to him. His other siblings are apart of this lawsuit. So if u would please send me the information needed so he can be apart. Thank you. Please mail it to…
    Jerry McCoy c/o Marion McCoy
    P.O. Box 1965

  8. Please send me a copy of the application for this lawsuit. My mom was a farmer all her life. I had filled one out before but have not heard anything from it. Send the application to Verdell Palmer 1170 County Road 59 Pine Apple, AL 36768. Thank you;

  9. Please send me an application for the black women farmers, my mother and grandmother were black women and they both were black farmers. Margie Dawkins 2393 River Rd. Greeleyville,SC 29056

  10. i have ask for application two months ago and have not got one we need two for my mother and husband we have the tracking number for papers pleas send them to this address po box 67 blackshear ga 31516 thank you

  11. please send me an application for the Black Farmer,Law Suit,my grandmother and mother both was black farmer.My mother and grandmother are decease.Send Application to:Franklin Gravin 1912 So Chicago St#101 Joliet Illinois 60436 or call:815-726-3871. Iam going to file on my grandmother behalf.Please send me a application for the BLACK FARMER LAWSUIT.Thankyou have a bless day.

  12. When The Black Farmers Association came to Jackson,Mississippi in the winter of 2009, I and about 200 more people signed cards to apply for a payout. I called on today, Feb. 10,2016 and was told that they didn’t have my name or any other information on me. I even helped sign up the people that was there. I would like to know, why ours claims wasn’t filed. We stood in the rain and cold for 4 hours to get our names summited. This was done in the year 2009, three years before the deadline. Please tell me who I need to talk to about this, and how can I apply for the settlement. My info is: Patricia James; 128 Robinhood Road, Jackson MISSISSIPPI 39206. contact #601-291-8038. Thank you.

  13. Ike H. I have filed a claim in 1981 and 2008 and 2010,and sent all proof, and evidence i did file and attempted to file. I’m waiting to hear back from black farmers administration, NOW!!!