Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Campaigns To Stay Out Of Jail

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Campaigns To Stay Out Of Jail


Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick hit the airwaves last week, where he talked with the Tom Joyner Morning Show Crew about the road to redemption. Kilpatrick pled guilty in 2008 to felony obstruction charges, and ultimately ended up serving 99 days of a four month sentence for lying under oath about having an affair with his chief of staff, Christine Beatty. The former mayor gave a similar interview in Dallas, where he now resides, a few days prior to the talk with nationally syndicated morning show Joyner hosts along with his on-air sidekicks Sybil Wilkes and J. Anthony Brown.

Kilpatrick had a smooth, well-rehearsed answer for practically every question Joyner asked. In a lot of ways, Kilpatrick’s proselytizing seemed more like the kind of request for forgiveness prominent ministers put to their parishoners after they have succumbed to moral or ethical lapses in judgment.

KILPATRICK: I owe the city about $850,000now, I paid about-

JOYNER: You have to come up with that on May 25th?

KILPATRICK: It’s no way I could come up with $850,000, they asked me for $300,000 in 90 days, I couldn’t pay it, and that’s why I’m going back, but-

JOYNER: So you’re going back to jail?

KILPATRICK: I paid $145,0000 in one year, Tom.

JOYNER: But you’re going back to jail?

KILPATRICK: I, I don’t think that jail is even in the conversation. I think that’s something that has been a campaign from the Detroit media and politics, but the judge only knows what’s going to happen on the 25th. I hope he allows me to be with my family, and continue to work.

From Kwame Kilpatrick interview Tom Joyner Morning Show

It appears that the disgraced former mayor has begun campaigning again, although this time, he’s not running for office. This is a media campaign, complete with a Friends of Kwame website, that is designed to build public sympathy in advance of the latest probation hearing Kilpatrick has been summoned to attend. The hearing will focus on the former mayor’s failure to pay back the $1 million in restitution, according to the court ordered schedule that was a condition of his probation. According to Black America Web, “he returns to a Detroit courtroom on May 25 to learn whether a judge will send him back to jail for failing to meet some of the terms of his probation agreement, including failing to disclose and turnover his tax refunds, money from political groups and gifts from wealthy Michigan associates.”


  1. Kilpatrick’s excuse that he must remain free to work in order to pay restitution is not valid. I feel certain that plenty of us would pay restitution on his behalf so that he can do the time in prison he has so justly earned.

    Of course he wants to remain free, and enjoy his lavish lifestyle. Who wouldn’t? Especially considering federal indictments seem likely, with prison a strong possibility. As he always has, he wants to milk it for everything he can, while he can.

    He is a traitor to the people of detroit. He betrayed the public trust time and again. He has no shame. He received only a slap on the wrist.

    • Speak for yourself Fred. I wouldn’t and won’t pay one dime that man stole from the City of Detroit and its citizens. And if I were the Judge, the only reason I wouldn’t send him to prison would be so that he could pay off every single cent. Every day he’s locked up is a day he’s not working and generating money for his restitution. I would make him do weekends in jail. See how he liked flying back every Friday morning in order to spend the weekend in jail and he would have to bring a couple of hundred with him or spend a whole week there. Bet he would get some money in then.

      But me personally put a red cent – oh no hell no!

  2. Please note that Kilpatrick is not facing another court sentence because of an iniability to pay back his restitution, or allow the facts of the story to get cloudy. He’s facing another sentence because of his own actions! He tried to fight having to pay the court ordered monthly restitution figure negotiated in his plea deal claiming he could only afford $6/mo! In the process he lied about his net worth, hid money in his wife’s accounts, failed to disclose tax refunds and other financial sources, and did whatever he could to perpetuate his scheme. This isn’t a vindictive judge or city treating someone unfairly or without cause. He is a criminal, he was sentenced, he agreed to terms of probation, and he tried to cheat paying what he agreed to and made ridiculous claims about his finances and got caught!

    Kilpatrick brought up the argument that his monthly restitution could not be met, which resulted in additional court proceding and an audit which proved, once again, that he’s a liar and a cheat!

    If this guy had spent just half as much time doing what he was elected to do as he’s done trying to cover up his crimes, avoid paying his debts to society, and attempting to create false sympathy, Detroit would be in a helluva lot better shape.

    Oh, and imagine this, he wants people to feel sorry for his wife and family in the event he is sentenced to return to jail because they’ll face financial hardship…REALLY!?! Isn’t that true for most spouses and parents who commit crimes and go to jail – it impacts their families? So, Kwame, based on your logic, should all incarcerated parents be released from prison to help raise and support their families?

    How selfish. How arrogant. How Kwame Kilpatrick.