Detroit Mayor Urges Unity in the Wake of Fatal Police Shooting

Detroit Mayor Urges Unity in the Wake of Fatal Police Shooting


Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is urging city residents to come together after the fatal shooting of a 7-year-old girl by police who were serving a warrant at the girl’s home.

Aiyana Jones was killed as Detroit police searched for a man who was a suspect in the shooting death of Jerean Blake, 16.

The police were executing a “no-knock” warrant Sunday when police said an officer’s gun went off, striking the girl in the neck as she was sleeping.

A lawyer for Jones’ family claims the police raid was “flawed” and heavily influenced by a crew filming the incident for the A&E crime show, “the First 48.” Investigators are going through video footage to determine what happened.

Bing told reporters at a press conference, “Maybe (Jones’) death is something that will make the community come together.”

Bing has said he will reach out to Jones’ family.

“This is a time for the community to come together,” he said. “We just can’t continue the massacre of our citizens.”

State police will be investigating the case, according to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

City police will also determine if the officers were following procedure when they used a flash-bang grenade when they entered the home, according to the Detroit Free Press.


  1. My heart sank when I first heard this story and saw the picture of this beautiful little girl…who has had her opportunity to fulfill her potential greatness snatched away. As I look into the eyes of my 7 year old grandbaby, I can only imagine what I would be going through at this point. Beyond everything else, however, I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF OUR BABIES AND PEOPLE BEING KILLED BY THE SO-CALLED "PEACE OFFICERS", BY THEIR SO-CALLED ACCIDENTS. Everytime something like this happens, oh it's just an accident, we didn't mean it. What the hell? But when someone in the caucasian parts of town gets killed, or a police officer gets hurt or killed and it truly was an accident, they crucify us! Look at her picture…what are you going to say to her mother, her grandmother, her family? How can you look them in the face and say, "oh, it was an accident"? Were you in the right house? Hmmm…were you amped up over the tv show you were filming?…trying to get some fame? God is not pleased and neither should the people of this community be either.