Loan Workers Accused of Illegally Accessing Obama Records

Loan Workers Accused of Illegally Accessing Obama Records


By Jeff Mays

It could have been a case of curiosity, or it could have been an effort to dig up dirt. Either way, nine people are facing up to a year in jail after being indicted on Wednesday on federal charges of trying to access President Barack Obama’s student loan records.

According to the AP:

All nine are charged with exceeding authorized computer access. They are accused of gaining access to a computer at a Coralville office, where they worked between July 2007 and March 2009, and accessing Obama’s student loan records while he was either a candidate for president, president-elect or president. Each of eight indictments posted by Wednesday night were brief, saying the charged individual “intentionally exceeded authorized access to a computer and thereby obtained information from a department and agency of the United States” and “intentionally accessed student loan records” of Obama without authorization.

Six of the defendants allegedly accessed the records while Obama was a candidate and one is accused of accessing the records while he was president.

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