Florida Candidate Criticized for Friendship with Mike Tyson

Florida Candidate Criticized for Friendship with Mike Tyson


By Paul Shepard

I’ve got some friends with some very shady pasts, and I bet they might say the same about me. Maybe it was some of the clowning we did in our more youthful days that helped bring us together.

But I would like to think that no matter how big or famous they got, they would never deny me. Now they wouldn’t want me trying to hawk some sleazy tell-all book on Oprah about our earlier exploits, but I’m sure we could share our stories among the boys over a stiff drink with a good laugh.

It is that sentiment on the importance of friendship that has me feeling a little sorry forJeff Greene, Democratic Senate candidate from Florida, who had the baddest of bad boys serve as his best man a few years back.

That bad boy would be Mike Tyson, with his past pugilistic glory, rape conviction and charges of spousal abuse.

Women’s groups in Florida are attacking Greene for his association with Tyson, even though it came years before his run for political office. I can understand their position. Their constituency demands that Tyson (and anyone near him) be pilloried for his past sins against women.

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