Arizona Again? Governor Signs Bill to Ban Ethnic Studies in Schools

Arizona Again? Governor Signs Bill to Ban Ethnic Studies in Schools


Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona, signed HB 2281 into law yesterday, making it illegal for school districts in the state to teach classes expressly for students of ethnic backgrounds.

HB 2281 states that students “should be taught to treat and value each other as individuals and not be taught to resent or hate other races or classes of people.” In meeting that end, it prohibits:

  • Classes that promote the overthrowing of the U. S. government
  • Classes that promote the hatred or resentment of a race or class of people
  • Classes that are designed for students of a particular ethnic group
  • Classes that advocate ethnic solidarity

Supporters of HB 2281 believe that ethnic studies classes are divisive while opponents of the bill believe that it targets Chicanos and Latinos in the same manner as the state’s controversial immigration bill.

School districts refusing to comply with the law could lose up to 10% of their state allocated funding per year.

The president of the Tuscon Unified School District’s governing board has no intention of ending their K-12 ethnic studies program. Judy Burns is quoted in the L. A. Times as saying, “We don’t teach all those ugly things they think we’re teaching.”

According to the L. A. Times,  the Tuscon program is supported by a court-ordered desegregation budget, and a part of the district’s plan for equal access for all students.

School districts can appeal the law that becomes effective on December 31.


  1. The measure is superficial, a token for the gullible, and an election ploy. The deeper issue is the official and unofficial, cradle to grave racial and ethnic socialization to which individuals are subjected in the United States. It is a kind of Stalinist collectivization. So successful is the racial and ethnic brain-washing that neither Republicans, Democrats, the Left, Right, hard-Left or hard Right call for its termination. The indoctrination begins the moment one is born. Your "race"-what a senseless word–is on your birth certificate, your job application, your driver's license, and your death certificate. People then come to think of themselves as white, black, Mexican, Asian, and so on. You cannot spend billions upon billions, century after century informing people that they belong to separate and distinct kinds and groups and not expect to see the entire world through racial and ethnic lens and to interpret their everyday experiences in terms of discrimination because of their differences. Republicans are playing with this issue, dangerously, only to win elections. Were they seriously concerned with the individual in society, or with being an American, they would propose that Federal and State governments end all racial and ethnic classifications of individuals. Brewer’s termination of certain programs is but political posturing for Election 2010. Remember the howls of protest when Barack Obama opined:” There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America — there’s the United States of America." The intellectual confusion in this nation is massive, and exploited continually by the likes of Sara Palin, Glenn Beck, and now, Jan Brewer. It's the education; it leaves out reasoning and critical thinking. Observe protesters against the presence of displaced workers from Mexico in the United States. Few of these protesters are aware of or care about the millions of jobs investors export to Mexico, South Korea, and low-waged regions all over the world. It's the media, spilling out inaccurate information and no information at all. Open your minds, people!

  2. You're saying AZ is wrong, but you don't mention or refer that Texas is rewriting their text books used in schools. Just wondering why that is?

  3. You can't be a hypocrite. Complain about Pakistan madrassas

    that teach to despise Western Culture. While having the same thing here in the USA in government funded schools. These classes

    promote the sense of mini states within the United States of America. Oppose assimilation into American Culture. That is why you see Students of Mexican descent, shouting "Mexico! Mexico"! and waiving Mexican flags and stepping on American flags. You see students sent home for wearing American flag apparel on cinco de mayo from a public school. They are Being taught to hate,despise,disrespect everything American except for its $$$Dollar$$$ and this should not be tolerated.

    • have you ever been to NYC- look at Greek Pride, Irish, Italian

      Lots of ethnic groups wave their flags and still also wave the American flag.

      What would have been better, would be to address the inaccuracies and problems in many of these curriculums -my son came back from a diversity day- before he was never exposed to racial labels and skin color labels. People were individuals before that and we taught him to look at people like an artist would- lots of different colors on even 1 person. His conclusion -he was glad he was white and safe( he is not fully and I had to explain he is actually part of 3 different ethnicities that have been picked on) so then he was glad he looked white.

      I watched similar training sessions for kids on PBS and wrote in furious about the racism taught- standing a 5 yr old dark skin kid up and pointing out how black he was and all the hair and skin differnces- never asked the kid his ethnicity- just assumed. Another jumped all over a kid because they said a pink skinned doll was prettier when asked which doll they liked- never asked the kid to explain-maybe it was the dress, etc- just attacked the 3 yr old kid and pointed out the racial differences in the dolls that the kid seemed unaware of until then.

      Then there is Mexican history- as one of Mexican descent- there are some of us whose have a different take on the revolution- some of our families were raped, massacred, and had every thing they owned stolen because they were rich-even if they earned it themselves with hard work. We grew up with more of a sense of American values and love for the Constitution because of it. But that side of the story in Mexican history is not told. Truth in education means truth. My son knows the story- even if you are poor- you have no right to take from others who are rich. You have to work hard and earn what you have.

    • That's funny. I majored in Ethnic Studies, and at no time was overthrowing the government promoted. Nor was hatred promoted. Resentment was common, but it wasn't taught. People were just resentful for a while after they realized that entire histories of people were "whited out" from the high school curriculum.

      Solidarity – I guess it was promoted, though, honestly, I haven't seen more race mixers than I have in Ethnic Studies classes. It seemed like the vast majority of students were either in inter-ethnic or inter-racial relationships. There were also a fair number of "crossover" students and grad students who were majoring or minoring in an ethnic group other than their own. One of my African American TA teachers was Asian. One of my Asian American studies TA was a Latina. A White man taught a really good Native American studies class.

      The goal of solidarity was to break into the mainstream society and fight racism. That was fighting against white people maintaining not only ethnic solidarity, but also power and privilege for themselves.

      I'm not saying there aren't people in Ethnic Studies who are into sticking with their own kind, but that's not the universal sentiment. In fact, I find that the people most into sticking with their own are *not* in liberal programs like Ethnic Studies, but are in the more right-wing and business oriented courses. If you want to find a racist of color, look in the Repbulican Party. Seriously. You'll also find some former gang members there too.

  4. Here in CA, these classes are racist hotbeds. They are being taught for one reason only; to promote an atmosphere of discord and racial tension between one race and any others who dare to question it's voracity. It spills into the surrounding communities and festers until violent race-wars break out. No thanks! I doubt that Brewer's signature will prevail, because in the end, it is the race-baiters themselves who are promoted by well-funded organizations that no true American in his right mind would support. Still, I applaud Jan brewer for attempting to discontinue "ethnic studies" classes! Anyone who has ever witnessed the curriculum and/or the teaching approach used by these so-called 'educators' knows why the Governor signed this legislation. To be sure, these classes turn out to be indoctrination sessions, usually taught by racially-driven zealots. Most parent would jerk their kids out of these classes if they only knew what was being kneaded into the brains of their sons and daughters. Those who agree with such teachings are part of the problem.

    • Watching this from abroad has left my chin on the floor. "Land of the Free" how are you! Land of "We'll tell you what you can teach, learn and think" seems to be closer to the mark. I hope this isn't contagious. Will you have Boston schools outlawing the study of Irish American history and culture next? Wasn't it for the end of this kind of subjugation that the world celebrated the fall of the Berlin wall?

  5. I believe from what I have heard, that the classes they are trying to ban use this a book that uses terms along the lines that America came in and forced the Mexicans out of their land(land being AZ, CO, NM, and TX). I am a history teacher and I touch on this when I go over manifest destiny and western expansion. I don’t exactly say we were just taking the land that is rightfully ours. I lightly tell the kids that American’s back then were forceful in taking the land. I guess you would call me anti-american for saying such horrible things against “our” country. From the things I have read, these books that teach to hispanic children(who aren’t very fluent in english)basically hispanic/hispanic american history. It gives a little different perspective than what the winners give. I am never for the editing or censorship of any materials. So these children in high school learn what you should be learning… AMERICAN HISTORY(even if it isn’t painting America in a bright light).

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