New York Legislature Approves 1-Day Furlough with No Pay

New York Legislature Approves 1-Day Furlough with No Pay


In Albany, the Legislature passed an emergency budget bill enabling Governor David Paterson to furlough about 100,000 workers – almost half of those employed by the state – without pay.

Claiming the plan to be illegal, public employee unions intend to file for a temporary restraining order to prohibit the furlough. The New York Times reports,

While some lawmakers, including many who voted for the bill, also questioned the legality of the furloughs, they said they had little choice but to approve the legislation because failing to do so would have effectively shut down the state government.

Under the plan, all affected employees will have to take off one day next week. The furloughs will exclude some public safety and health care workers.

The governor issued a statement,

I recognize that these furloughs represent a difficult sacrifice for many of the state’s public employees. That sacrifice is only necessary because their union leadership has rejected all other reasonable attempts at compromise.

This is the first time furloughs have been used as a measure to save money in the state. It is reported that the furloughs will save the state $30 million.


  1. David Paterson just does not get it.

    It is so hypocritical for David Paterson to ask for furloughs from state workers while giving his staff huge pay raises.

    David Paterson proved long ago that he could not govern. “The Democratic Conference: Organizational and Operational Structure Report” is an eyewitness account of Paterson’s DYSFUNCTIONAL governing nature.

    This report heavily criticized Paterson’s leadership as Senator Minority leader. His office was criticized for PATRONAGE, LACK OF LEADERSHIP, INDECISIVENESS and INFIGHTING, set against a backdrop of general CHAOS – in other words the office was a ZOO. Those interviewed in the report indicated that its chief of staff the disorganized Michael Jones-Bey had no management skills, and would get DRUNK with staff, often coming in the office with a HANGOVER, and should be fired.

    Amazingly, for running such a DYSFUNCTIONAL CHAOTIC office, the disorganized Michael Jones-Bey was hand picked by David Paterson to head the Division of Minority & Women Owned Business Development at Empire State Development Corporation.

    His staff and all his friends that he has placed in jobs need to be cleaned out…GET HIM AND THEM OUT NOW.

    This UN-ELECTED GOV needs to go now, before more damage is done and more of the wrong people profit from his office.