Obama to Nominate Elena Kagan to Supreme Court

Obama to Nominate Elena Kagan to Supreme Court


President Obama has selected Elena Kagan to be the 112th justice of the Supreme Court. He is expected to confirm and announce this decision this morning.

Elena Kagan, 50, is the former dean of Harvard’s law school and current top appellate lawyer and representative at the Supreme Court. She has no previous experience sitting on the bench though she would not be the first non-judge nominated.

The Washington Post reports that Kagan brings “less legal experience to the job than any of her recent predecessors. She worked two years as a private lawyer, with the rest of her career in government and academia. ”

Elena Kagan was educated at Princeton, Oxford and Harvard Law. She spent time clerking for Justice Thurgood Marshall before entering into private practice briefly for two years.

If confirmed, Kagan will be the fourth woman justice, eighth Jewish justice (third on the current bench) and the second woman nominated and confirmed during the Obama administration.