Blacks, Youth Show More Trust in Government, Polls Show

Blacks, Youth Show More Trust in Government, Polls Show


Is more of the Obama effect underway?

It may seem that way as recent polls show that two groups that traditionally mistrust the government — African-Americans and younger Americans — now seem to believe more in Uncle Sam.

The NPR notes that twice as many African-Americans say they trust that the federal government is doing the right thing than their white counterparts.

Several factors may be contributing to this: the recent passage of health care, the fact that more African-Americans tend to be Democrats and the idea that many blacks may not the government due to slavery, Jim Crow laws and the infamous Tuskegee experiment, experts told NPR.

“Throughout time, we’ve generally seen that African-Americans have been less trusting than whites and other racial groups as far as political trust,” said Shayla Nunnally, political science and African-American studies professor at the University of Connecticut.

Another survey shows that 32 percent of the age group 18 to 29 trusts the feds, versus 20 percent of the other groups.

Researchers say that while typically mistrust grows with age as people become more aware of government’s role in their lives, this generation may be different.

“The millennials are quite positive toward other big institutions — like corporations and the military and faith — so it does give you the feeling that it’s a different generation,” Tufts University researcher Peter Levine told NPR.