Right Wing Blames Oil Spill on Obama

Right Wing Blames Oil Spill on Obama


Unless you’ve been off the grid, you are probably well acquainted with the infamous details of the British Petroleum oil spill that has been threatening the Gulf of Mexico and gulf coast shorelines since last week. Most likely, you have seen one of the dozens of animations generated by oceanographers and engineers that illustrates the explosions, and the fire that took place on the offshore drilling platform, and the massive leak in the 21 inch riser pipe 5,000 feet below the ocean surface, a man-made calamity that has been the cause of great anguish for Gulf Coast residents and British Petroleum executives.

You might not be aware that certain segments of the conservative right wing, led by Rush Limbaugh himself, with a cameo appearance by that munificent architect of the Katrina rescue strategy, Mr. Michael Brown, the head of FEMA under the Bush Administration, have concluded that this latest catastrophe is ultimately the fault of the Obama Administration.

As the massive oil slick started washing up on the shores of the Gulf Coast, waves of right-wing radio criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of the environmental crisis began hitting the White House.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called the oil slick “Obama’s Katrina.”

“He’s getting even with his country for all of its transgressions in the past,” Limbaugh said on his Friday show. “So we got an oil slick, added benefit, now he can cancel offshore drilling.”

Rush Limbaugh, conservative pundits call Gulf Coast oil spill, ‘Obama’s Katrina’
New York Daily News

I would have laughed my head off if it had only been Limbaugh who had begun to act like a mental patient who had gone off his meds, or even if it had only been the usual suspects – Beck, Malkin, Hannity and O’Reilly – but when they dragged poor old Michael Brown out of mothballs to put in his two cents worth of advice, I started paying attention. Brown told Neil Cavuto of Fox News, “Obama wanted an oil spill so he could “shut down” offshore drilling.”Why Fox wasted their airtime on Brown is a mystery. If they’d spent the rest of their lives looking for a subject to interview about disaster response, they couldn’t have found a worse candidate than the man who botched the efforts of FEMA, the federal agency he headed up, at every turn.

What’s worse is the way the mainstream media has tucked its tail between its legs and followed these fools blindly. By putting these delusional conservatives on the air, and then searching for others to contrast with their viewpoints, the media has created its own little Frankensteins, ugly little men and women that those of us with good sense are forced to endure.

In fact, if the reporters who have given credence to the outlandish assertions of the rightwing’s crazies and malcontents had simply pieced together the actual narrative of events from the AP feed in their own newsrooms, the way the folks at Media Matters have done, they would have buried these political soundbites and focused on a real news event…

…like the Tennessee flood.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote. Every time I think that these fascists have stretched incredulity to its limit, they amazingly manage to top themselves. I use to get mad at these comments, but now I am just stupified. I cannot believe that they think that anyone sensible will believe what they are saying.

    I remember when Clinton was in his second term. I was working in the Post Office as a window clerk (that's what they were called back then), and this guy came in to by stamps. He was saying that the new import item that was going to be restricted from Canada was (get this) toilets.

    He said that there was a new federal ban on toilets that used more than 5 gallons of water, and that Canadian flushers were going to be on the black market by summer (which was about 7 months away at the time).

    That was the first time I thopught that talk radio needed to be regulated (J/K of course. As a recent law school graduate, I support unabridged free speech).

    • Waterboarding would be too good for these people. Unfortunately, they are not only enabled, but encouraged by the parts of the media seeking sensationalism and/or ratings.

      Until the rest of us with good sense demand more, this is the kind of bull**** we'll continue to get on cable news.

  2. These Right-Wing Nuts would blame Pres. Obama for the death of Ronald Reagan if they could. They are really ignorant and pathetic in my opinion. I really dont pay attention to what they have to say.

  3. The very next time I read your blog, Hopefully it doesnt disappoint me just as much as this place. I am talking about, It was my choice to read, on the other hand actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something you could fix if you werent too busy searching for attention.