Supreme Court Denies Last Appeal For British Woman On Death Row

Supreme Court Denies Last Appeal For British Woman On Death Row


The date will soon be set for a 51-year-old British woman to be executed in Texas after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected her last appeal this week.

Linda Carty was put on death row for the kidnapping and murder of Joana Rodriguez. Rodriguez was killed in 2001 and her four-day-old son was taken. The child was later found safe but Rodriguez was reportedly suffocated and found in the trunk of a car.

Prosecutors contended that Carty concocted the plan to kill Rodriguez and take her baby to save Carty’s relationship with her common-law husband. Carty convinced three men to help her by telling them there were drugs and cash inside Rodriguez’s home, the Associated Press reported.

Carty has long denied the allegations, telling the AP that state prosecutors “fabricated a bizarre story to get a conviction.”

In her appeals, Carty has charged that she did not get adequate advice and representation from court-appointed counsel in Houston. She was seeking a new trial.

The case has drawn international attention, as Carty would be the first British woman executed in the United States since 1955. Carty’s case had been taken up by the UK-based human rights group, Reprieve.

In a 2009 interview, Carty said many things work against people in the American legal system.

“If you’re black, if you’re foreign, if they consider you poor and if you have poor counsel, poor trial counsel,” Carty told the BBC. “You are going to be doomed. In which case, I had all four strikes against me.”


    • Hi there and thanks for visiting Politic365…Carty maintains her innocence; she was convicted of the crime. But as with any situation like this, I don't think the public will ever really know what happened.

      — Bridgette