Rep. Luis Gutierrez Arrested During White House Immigration Reform Rally

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Arrested During White House Immigration Reform Rally


He said he’d sit on the White House fence with other May Day immigration reform protesters until he was arrested or comprehensive immigration was signed. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) was arrested for a planned act of civil disobedience with dozens of other protesters.

The Illinois congressman, the son of  Puerto Rico-born parents, kept chanting “Si se puede” (Yes, it is possible) while linking arms with a group outside of the White House. It is reported that he did not comply with police warnings to move, which led to the arrest.

Rep. Gutierrez has been in Congress since 1992 and is an outspoken opponent of Puerto Rico receiving statehood.

At the time of his arrest, Gutierrez was wearing a tee shirt that read, “Arrest me, not my friends.”


  1. Luis hipocrita, gracias por mostrarle tu verdadera cara a los 4 millones que vivimos en PR.

    Quieres la democracia para los inmigrantes pero no la quieres para los "tuyos".

    Luis Gutierrez persona non grata en Puerto Rico.

  2. I, for one, am proud of you…if only there were more like you taking a stand for our human rights…shame on Arizona, shame on everyone who feeds on this inhumane act and eats from the poisonous tree…

  3. utierrez should have been arrested long ago! Anybody that argued Healthcare Insurance Reform should cover illegal aliens isn't representing the people that elected him! The man should be charged with treason! I didn't realize what a bigot this guy is until he opened his mouth, and as a gay man I know bigots! I'm already boycotting Lollapalooza this year, and I actually don't think I have any use for a state that allows this criminal to represent them in our Democracy. I read somewhere else he expected to be "booked & released", sure sounds like an elitist that expects special treatment. If it was me or my friends it would have been an overnight vacation in the graybar hotel and as righteous protesters we'd be proud, this guy is trash! BOYCOTT CHICAGO!

    It’s soooo cute to see you far left progressive types trying to convince yourselves you’re not a sad little fringe group! Truly adorable how you run around trying to spin issues and pointing fingers at anyone who opposes you while trying to convince yourself your still part of mainstream America. Meanwhile the real Democrats are tired of your reactionary elistist propaganda and the smug little Prius that drove it here (LOL) Thousands marched but millions stayed home, MILLIONS! About 306 million if I believe the census. You don’t have America’s support, and you never will **giggles** We don’t reward criminals for the bad behavior even if they have sad stories and riot in the streets!

    As Sue Sylvester would say “sloppy freakshow babies! somewhere in the English countryside in a stately manor home Madonna is weeping…as dozens of celebrities, politicians, and d-list wannabes do permanent damage to their credibility with the American public”


    Gay Urban Hipsters In Seattle Permanently Boycotting Anyone Aiding The Busload Of Harper Valley PTA Agitators Trying Oppress Arizona

    P.S. California, you’re “Don’t boycott us” but “Let’s boycott them” just put you on my permanent boycott list next to Jane Fonda and Colorado. Coachella’s been a hot mess for years, allready tossed my California wines, and cancelled my yearly trip to SF Pride Parade. I know that the six queens I caravan with in the Pace Arrow won’t be missed that much, but I’m probably not the only person sick of your Harper Valley PTA b.s.

  4. THIS MAN HAS ALL MY RESPECT IN THE WORLD. IF YOU NEED MY HELP FOR ANYTHING,. I AM HERE 9 REGISTER VOTERS IN MY HOUSE I WILL NEVER SUPPORT ANYBODY RUNNING of office OUT OF AZ. I will pass this on to my kids,grand kids and so on and so on!!!!Everybody need to be like hime Luis Gutierrez is a true men !!! call me i will help anywhere in the country.

  5. 'Civil disobedience' is the term synomymous with Gandhi. As long as he is as stubborn as Gandhi and refuses to budge to any political rhetoric, he will catch attention. Afer all, civil disobedience is something which no civilized government in history had an answer for.

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  7. America need immigrants,specially illegal more of the legal!!! If the "aliens" leave your country the economy will have lots of problems,nobody will work in restaurants,busser,dishwasher ,in farm,then I WANT SEE WHAT ALL THOSE RACIST HAVE TO SAY!!!That is a country of immigrants,since before the only real american where indian.Obama must do something faster,people is tired of waiting!!Get it?

  8. I think the argument for amnesty is a good one however what do we do in say 20 years when we are having this exact same discussion? Lets say we grant amnesty to the 12 million here with the usual bells and whistles about tighten border security, stabilizing the latin american economy, yadda yadda (you know the conversation we had in 1986?) then low and behold in 2030 what do you know, we have 20 million illegals in the country living in the shadows yet again. Any American who says "send them back" will again be deemed racist and hating brown people…you get my drift? Illegal immigration is a systemic problem that is never going to go away. Do the proponents of amnesty simply want the US to have an open border?

  9. My advise, If there is another country whose flag you want to wave, Please feel free to move there. Peoples from many lands have moved here and became Americans not Polish Americans, Russian Americans but "Americans" and they are and have been welcomed. If you don't like America then leave; you're free to do that if you're not on a "do not fly" list. Good bye!

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  11. Thanks for the photo. I'll file it in the same folder as the Manuel Noriega mug shot, Saddam Hussein after capture and that Al Quaeda guy who was woken up and had his pic snapped.

    I'm not saying Luis is in the same category as Manny & Saddam as I don't state the painfully obvious. 😉

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