Black Conservative, Tea Party Supporter: Angela McGlowan Speaks

Black Conservative, Tea Party Supporter: Angela McGlowan Speaks


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Angela McGlowan didn’t start out as a black Republican.

A Mississippi native with a soft voice that still projects the twang of the deep South, McGlowan laughed aloud when asked if she’d always been a conservative.

“Growing up black in Mississippi?” She asked incredulously. “Heck naw.”

McGlowan’s father was a minister and an Independent; her mother was – and still is – a Democrat. How McGlowan grew up is “pro-life, pro-dependent on the Lord Jesus Christ, self-reliancy and self-sufficiency,” she explained.

Later in life, she would decide her personal values aligned with those of the Republican party.

McGlowan is running to represent Mississippi’s first congressional district – the first woman and the first black person to do so. Not only is she a vocal black conservative, but she is also an active participant in the wave of Tea Party protests that have been sweeping across the country.

Though reports of the protests cite slurs and events tinged with racism, McGlowan said the only verbal abuse she’s received has been from the liberal left.

“I’ve been called Oreo, Sambo, Uncle Tom, a lawn jockey, a house Negro,” McGlowan said. “They don’t even want to give me a chance.”

But McGlowan said she’s not interested in what people think. McGlowan blames generational welfare for continual poverty deep in the Delta and went to Washington, D.C. with ideas for reform. She broke away from the Democratic party after her ideas were dismissed by the Congressional Black Caucus, she said.

Republican leaders would listen to her, she recalled, “and I said, ‘Let me take a look at this party.’”

She recounts her experience and party switch in her 2007 best-selling book, Bamboozled: How Americans are Being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda.

If elected, top three priorities are cutting wasteful spending to balance the budget; giving tax credits and incentives to small businesses; and creating education programs that call for smaller class sizes, holding teachers accountable and raising expectations of the public school system.

The author, small business owner and former Fox News analyst is also concerned about black and Hispanic males being “endangered species.” She has been endorsed by Judge Joe Brown, who told her the correctional system has become “the new plantation” for uneducated minorities.

McGlowan said she would work with politicians on both sides of the aisle because, “at the end of the day, we all suffer when we don’t do what we’re supposed to all as elected officials.”

She doesn’t mind being a controversial figure if it elicits intellectual discussion and people researching to find more information about the issues. She wants people to vote.

“No matter if you voted for (John) McCain or (Barack) Obama, know why you voted for who voted for,” she said. “That’s why I’m doing this. Because I want all people to be informed.”


  1. This women is a certifed “Nut” who thinks that the way to get ahead with “whites” is to put down your own people. You know she’s in trouble when Michael Steele will not back her.

    • Comment from Edward King- This women is a certifed “Nut” who thinks that the way to get ahead with “whites” is to put down your own people.

      Quote from the article which refutes Mr King's comment-She broke away from the Democratic party after her ideas were dismissed by the Congressional Black Caucus, she said. Republican leaders would listen to her, she recalled, “and I said, ‘Let me take a look at this party.’”

      Additionally, I believe that your comment is another very glaring representation of one of the major concerns that I (and many other Americans I'm sure) have regarding our unity as a nation. This whole my people vs. your people CRAP is crap. We are all simply Americans. I'm speaking from experience when I tell you that those who wish us ill simply do not give a care what color we may happen to be- they consider all of us American first and will cut our heads off for that reason alone. If our enemies can put being American first, ahead of color, why can't we?

      You know she’s in trouble when Michael Steele will not back her.

      This really doersn't make sense either- more and more candidates seeking any public office are standing on their own in order to stand for the people whom they will represent and that's why the incumbants of both parties are looking over their shoulders.

      And to Joe- yessir! Miss Angela is indeed a smokin' hottie (and you're not too bad either, Robin).

  2. I thought her comment that she’s “not interested in what people think” was very interesting for a politician. Politicians should be interested in what people think, not just their constituents or only people who share their idealogy. I wish the article would have expanded more on what she thinks needs to be changed and how she would go about making changes rather than the generic comments I heard about cutting spending and giving tax credits to small businesses while spending more on education. Sounds very general and vague. This is the difference of someone who has not dealt with the realities of governance. What happens when you find that you can’t pay for those educational changes you think are so important with some budget cutting and tax credits to businesses? What do you do then? Raise taxes? Not if you are a T-Party member! When you actually govern everybody, it is not so easy to cut spending you may consider “wasteful” but is important to other citizens you are elected to serve. What then? Ms. McGlowan sounds like another politician saying whatever sounds good to get elected but doesn’t provide any real leadership vision.

  3. I think you all need to take a step back! Here is a black woman who is finally letting people know what is going on on the inside! and all "we" (Americans) can do is criticize her! Well maybe she will find out that she can't do everything she needs to do to fix this mess, but at least here is someone who is starting on the right foot. She is not a quiter. I am confident that if she has to she will step back and revamp and revise but GET IT RIGHT!

  4. I'm very left in my perspective yet I welcomed reading this woman's perspective. There seems to be an overabundance of knee-jerk responses nowadays as if people only want that which reinforces what they already believe. This well-written article gives a good perspective on McGowan and, while her choices are very different to mine, I'll respect her choices and reasons.

    I'll add that my visiting this site is "by accident" since I don't like identity politics. I wouldn't support a site which lauded itself as "Political News and Opinions for European-Americans (aka "Whites")" and the fact that the exclusionary tint is from a different ethnicity doesn't make it any more favorable IMO. It seems so juvenile – like cliques in High School.

  5. I am moderate Democrate, But I notices that many republicans (espacially the conservative) cannot stand people who are in the middle. They really cannot stand even moderate republicans. I am lying then look at the number of moderate republicans who were voted out of office.

    I cannot belief that many of these so-called Black conservatives only care about themselves and NOT the whole. Since they have gotten their's on the back of our people. But yet they failed to results the BLACK community can only go forward as a village not independly.

    But sorry I do belief that the Tea Party is racist group.